Monthly Archives: August 2013

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Essentials of Facebook Advertising

by in Digital marketing on August 27, 2013

Social media has already catches up with every other media channel and is extending. Among the plethora of social media site Facebook rules the roost, such is the potential of Facebook in the current time. The reach of Facebook is unimaginable. No wonder it becomes a brilliant and ideal platform to rollout your advertisements. Here […]

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How to Strengthen Your Online Branding?

by in Digital marketing on August 12, 2013

Your online exposure greatly depends on how you target your business or service to grab the maximum attention of otherwise amorphous online populace. As with the number of people who treat online worlds as a business guide fast increasing, businesses are left out with Hobson’s choice. Most of the businesses have realized this fact and […]

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Difference between Mobile and Responsive Website Design

by in Web Design on August 5, 2013

As more and more people gravitate towards hand-held devices and access the Internet through their smartphones, tablets, desktop or even the laptops, companies can’t set the standard for screen sizes for consumers. PC sales have been registering sharp decline lately and almost every industry forecast indicates that the downward trend is likely to persist. Mobile […]

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How Indian Art Inspires Graphic Designers

by in Graphic Design on August 2, 2013

Graphics have a long and varied history. From animal representations found on the walls of caves in different parts of the world to the modern computer generated designs, graphics have come a long way. Graphic design is the profession of combining visuals/pictures, and text in advertisements, publications, art, trade-mark symbols, or websites, with the aim […]

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