Monthly Archives: November 2014

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A Peek into Our SEO Process

by in SEO on November 21, 2014

Is SEO is solely a ranking affair? When thinking about search engine optimization (SEO) majority will take it as simply a search engine ranking mechanism. And, obviously, many internet marketing companies focus solely on rankings only in terms of SEO. Is SEO is solely a ranking affair? But, in reality rankings alone won’t translate into […]

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How Google Penguin is Paving Professionalism in SEO Industry

by in Digital marketing on November 13, 2014

The latest algorithm sensation of Google, Penguin is focusing on hammering down spammers and black hat followers. Minimizing spam and wiping off unethical players are the main aim of penguin. And Google keeps on releasing a slew of updates under the umbrella of penguin. Google Penguin targets the devious techniques employed my webmasters to maximize […]

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