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3D Printing Technology: Exploring Wonders

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“Printing” for a layman mean just use of paper & ink for producing text & images in a printing press. But, in modern world when everything has been upgraded; then how come printing stay behind? Out of imagination; #D printing has been developed that is a method of manufacture of three dimensional solid objects from a digital model. Think of jewelery, shoes, toys, even guns and you get them by using a computer controlled printer. It is otherwise called Additive manufacturing where all 3D objects are usually built out of layers.

Basic Principle Of A 3D Printing:

The use of 3D printing, takes virtual designs from computer aided design(CAD) or animation modeling software, changes then into thin, virtual, horizontal cross-sections & then creates successive layers until the model is complete. Here, the virtual model & physical model are almost identical.

Different Types Of 3D Printers:

There are basically two types of 3D printers. They are Industrial 3D printers & Commercial 3D printers. The layering process differs depending on whether it is an Industrial or a Commercial 3D printer.

Industrial 3D printers are very large & expensive as compared to the commercial 3D printers. However they are a lot faster than the commercial 3D printers.

Different 3D Printing Techniques:

Following are some form of 3D printing techniques.

* Fused Deposition Modeling: FDM is the most common 3D printing method. Here, the raw material, i.e. spool of plastic or metal wire; is melted & placed by the printer’s nozzle. It hardens quickly & then after the next layer is added.

* Inkjet Printing: It is possible to build up a 3D model with custom colours by use of special inks(resin & binders).

* Selective Laser Sintering: Basically SLS uses laser to draw the desired cross-section. Here, powdder of metal, plastic, ceramic or glass are used to build solid objects. The poder fuses & then the laser forms the next layer on top.

* Digital Light Processing: Here, a vat of liquid polymer is transformed into a very strong solid, by exposing it to light.

3D Printing In Forthcoming Days:

It can be rightly said ” Touch the future with 3D printing”. Who had predicted the impact of Steam engine or the Transistor? Infact, nobody. So, 3D printing’s impact in future can also not be predicted. But, as it is that the technology is coming; in future we may be able to manufacture almost anything with a 3D printer.

Now, think of a Ferrari, & it is yours. Keep dreaming till the 3D printing technology reaches to its peak.