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4 Easy Ways to Increase Your Sales through Graphic Design

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Graphic design has a great impact on your conversions and profits. The fact is that many business owners don’t understand just how big this impact is. The graphics you use communicate a message to the viewer. Your goal is to get them to make a desirable decision. If the message in the graphics you use is not influencing your customers to take action, then you are losing out on a big opportunity to turn potential customers into actual customers.

‘But I have a lot of graphics on my website already?’ There is one thing you need to remember. A confused mind will not buy. It may be that your customers are confused or unable to make up their minds about your products or services. Good design helps customers make a choice. The message is clear.

How to increase your sales

• Keep it simple
Many people flood their websites with graphics in the hope of drawing the attention of their potential customers. The only thing they accomplish is adding t the customer’s confusion.
In graphic design, less is more. Use simple and clear graphics. Ensure that the messages are easy to understand. Readers should be able to relax when they get onto the page and this is not possible when multiple messages bombard them.

• Stay in control
Did you know that you actually have the power to control your readers to particular parts of your website and web pages? Guide your readers to specific areas by using call to actions such as ‘Buy Now!’ etc.

• Typography
It is important to use the right font size on your web pages. Be sure to use fonts that are large enough for readers to read and understand the content of your graphics. Be sure to use larger or bolded fonts for areas that you want to draw attention. Call to action buttons for example should have capitalized and bolded letters.

• Color
Be creative and use color to draw readers to your website. It is also important to remember that your choice of color will influence the decision that your customers make regarding purchasing services or products from you.

Use contrasting colors for the call to action buttons. This immediately draws the attention of the reader.

Use warm or cool colors for backgrounds. This keeps the attention on the content and not on the background of the webpage.