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A Peek into Our SEO Process

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Is SEO is solely a ranking affair?

When thinking about search engine optimization (SEO) majority will take it as simply a search engine ranking mechanism. And, obviously, many internet marketing companies focus solely on rankings only in terms of SEO. Is SEO is solely a ranking affair? But, in reality rankings alone won’t translate into traffic and leads for your business to flourish online.Here comes the relevance of targeted search engine optimization, that what we are specialized in and how it adds value to your business growth online. The better your targeting the more likely your SEO campaign will be a rewarding one. We strategize SEO to help clients achieve maximum return on investment (ROI) and customer base.

Attract Customer and Retain

According to the survey figures and online statistics, undoubtedly we can say that online activities are on the surge, and are crucial in shaping customer’s purchase decision or service choice. More than 80 percent of potential customers rely on search engine visibility of services they’re looking for to be converted to an active customer. Of course, customers search online to opt for a service or purchase a product. Naturally, only the top position grabbers will get the opportunity to serve them. According to online purchase behaviour studies, not all online users will buy from online vendors, but they definitely do an in-and-out online research, and decide upon later. In both cases, online presence of business is decisive.Now a days, searchers are using specific key terms around your business offerings for finding what they are exactly looking for. As the rule of thumb, websites ranking on top of SERP results of leading search engines register higher volume of traffic than those positioned in the inner pages of search results.Online searchers will value your site and prioritize in the potential list to choose from. That simply reiterates the need of your site to be at the top of the search engine rankings. With our robust Search Engine Optimization (‘SEO’) strategies we ensure to make our each client rank and thus receive traffic which leading to conversions.

What We Do

We adapt tested strategies starting from keyword research to on-page implementation to niche offpage strategies.Our organic SEO strategies and steps entitle your website the most sought after in terms of relevancy, content and structure. We help you take your lead in the top search engines – Google, Yahoo!, Bing and in other local and regional search engines around business vicinity. Our industry-specific knowledge coupled with mission critical SEO steps, depending on the business nature bestows your website wider online visibility.

Measure, Analyze and Remarket

Our SEO package is highlighted with a strong measurement and tracking system in place to track down each every steps involved in the SEO campaign. As these dimensions and metrics keep on changing, we flawlessly monitor even minor changes to keep your website traffic, leads, conversions, and sales at a maximum. Our SEO experts vigilantly keep alert on intuitive algorithmic changes of major search engines, search parameter changes, to fine tune SEO campaigns to catch up with the search engine upgrades, competitor pressures and much more. Though SEO is a long-term strategy, with a small SEO element implemented into your site result in visible changes in the online performance of your website.