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A Sneak Peek into Google Glass

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Google is always on the innovative edge with highly sensational innovative initiations. Earlier Google stunned us with Driverless car, now it’s with much talked ‘Google Glass’. Let’s have a quick sneak-peek into this wearable glass gadget, which offers both interesting at the same time appalling experience. It seems internet and tech bloggers busy discussing about the pros and cons of this sensational innovation from Google.

To a great extent Google Glass team has succeeded in embedding all the features of this novel gadget into a miniature computer from a strong but lightweight frame to a gyroscope that can even detect head tilts. Apart from that the Google Glass is t is fitted out with a microphone, touchpad, camera, GPS speakers and Wi-Fi. There is a small screen to display needed information and a voice input in the form of a microphone integrated with Google Now, the intelligent personal assistant developed by Google available with Google search mobile apps. With that, Google Glass connects you directly to the search engine.

Google Glass, it’s all a hands-free affair. Just with the ease of oral commands one can take a snap, record videos and much more. Though clarity of the images taken cannot be taken into account, but Google Glass won’t let you miss a moment to be captured. With a data connection from Smartphone or PC, Google Glass will play the role of a webcam too.
Another interesting option with the Google Glass is the group conferencing facility. Google Glassers can engage in a formal or informal group conferencing while on moving. This promising gadget’s input feature is powerful enough to read out text message and attach pictures or videos which you can send via mobile data connection, without even touching your mobile.

With the built -in GPS chip your route map will be clear through Google Glass while travelling and that too without checking the device, pretty cool!  Also Google Glass provides you in and out of the place you traveling. Google Glass comes in handy by intimating you about your appointments, hotel reservations and important events like birthdays.

Yet another advantage of Google Glass is that OS compatibility is not a concern for this sensational innovation. Google Glass depends mainly on mobile connectivity or Wi-Fi for serving features.  Also pairing with a smart device will get you social network notifications.

Good news for colour pickers, this mighty gadget will be make available in sky, cotton, shale, charcoal and Tangerine shades. More than that, users can choose from various designs, different frames and shape of lenses. It is reported that the prices of Google Glass are likely to be in the range of $1,500. Sofar so good, let us waits for more from Google Glass team!