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Apply These 10 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Product with Graphic Design

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Graphic Design

Graphic design techniques come in to communicate to the target market about an already high quality product in a way that can attract the desired sales. These techniques fall in two major areas in graphic design: product packaging and website development.

As a discipline within graphic design, product packaging is an integral part of creating a strong product. Here are some of its important techniques:

  • • Precision

There needs to be a clear indication of what the product is and who it is from at a glance.

  • • True Representation

Don’t lie to the customer. Great packaging should represent the product as precisely as possible. There is room for a ‘face-lift’ but don’t advertise what you are not actually selling.

  • • Authentic Design

Create a packaging design that will be uniquely associated with your product for years to come. Do something that no one else is doing.

  • • Shelf Impact

This is an effect of the design and how it translates on the shelves. Depending on your product and target market, it may be a good thing for your design to stand out or to blend in. Make sure you test before finalizing the design.

  • • Versatility

Make your design distinct and representative of the brand while still being fluid enough to accommodate any future additions or changes to the product line.

  • • Practicality

Ergonomically done designs might be ‘out there’ but they can go a long way in improving your product. From non-drip spouts to perfectly placed handles, you need to consider the most practical design for your product package to boost its appeal.

With more sales happening online, website development and design is crucial to your product in this technologically advanced age. Look out for the following to improve your product:

  • • Font

Consumers have to be able to read about your product. You can use a variety of fonts for labels and such but the main text needs to be in something clear like serifs.

  • • Visual locus

You need to design your website in such a manner that the consumer’s eye is directed to various key areas on the page that give information about your product.

  • • No clutter!

Don’t crowd your web pages with a lot of colors, patterns and words because it could take away from the emphasis on the product. Leave some white space as a way of creating focus on the product.

  • • Target market

This cuts across packaging and website development. You need to know who your target is and design your website and product according to that demographic.