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B2B Companies & Social Media

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B2B or Business-to-Business companies are those which describes commerce transactions between business like business between a manufacturer & a wholesaler or between a wholesaler & a retailer. Today, many of the entrepreneurs are doing B2B transaction & for you information, we must also say that they are using social media as a tool for their proper communication & fine business.

A Survey On B2B Marketers Who Use Social Media As A Marketing Tool:

In the year 2012, survey of the B2B marketers were doe which showed over 93% use social media to market their business. It was around 88% in the year 2010. So from this you can find, how significantly Social media took an important space in the B2B companies.

Benefits Of Social Media To B2B Marketing & B2B Companies:

In business, everything that matters to a businessman is Profit. o matter whichever way the profit comes. But as discussed earlier, Social media has changed the face of B2B companies on a positive note. Here below are some benefits of Social media marketing to B2B companies.

* Over 56% of B2B marketers gained new business partnerships through social media.

* B2B marketers are more likely to gather market place insights from their social efforts.

* Nearly 60% of B2B marketers saw improved search ranking from their social efforts.

* Internal use of Social media actually increase employee’s effectiveness. Social networks like “Yammer” provide private solutions for companies that want employees to collaborate virtually on ideas & projects.

Some Tips To Be Followed By B2B Marketers While Using Social Media As A Tool For Marketing:

* Listen before you communicate:

It is always said that a good listener is actually a wise person. So, before communicating your ideas in Social media; first try to understand others’ ideas. For example, imagine you have joined a conversation in any of FB groups or Pages related to business. Once you follow the conversation thread; watch carefully what others say & then add some of your useful insights & information to draw favourable attention towards you & your company.

* Define your target audience:

Always remember, Social media is all about building relationships between you & your customer or other businessmen. Many of the social media sites have advance features in them that help you find the right target audience.

* Keep a record of your efforts:

To have an improvement in your efforts; you first need to have a measurement of your work. So, it is important to have analytics in place to help plan & measure the quality of your efforts.


As a matter of fact, business itself is Social where to gain professional profit, you need to have personal relationship with people. So, Social media which gives you a platform to build relationship & earn profit to your business; is thus the best tool for B2B marketing.