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Web Design Outsourcing Company Rechristened To ‘KID’

by in Featured, Web Design on February 25, 2014, a leading website design and digital marketing company in India, DBA Krish India Design has undergone a major rebranding of its name and logo and rechristened to ‘KID’. Alongside, they proudly announce the launch of their newly redesigned site, conceptualized as ‘helping KID’ theme, with more user friendly features. The site has a very […]

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Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy – Part I

by in Digital marketing, Featured, Graphic Design on February 25, 2014

The Real Truths of SME Marketing The truths which surround the “Marketing World” are as old as the human civilization. Mankind discovered early, that human survival was linked to sharing their community resources. Ancients traded through barter. Local economics sustained itself, but by limiting its own growth, disregarding both needs and luxuries. Barter system negated […]

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Add Punch To Your Social Media Headlines

by in Digital marketing on January 14, 2014

Unlike other online media, social media feeds little time for reflection.  Headlines play a crucial role and demands channeling of message effectively. The message conveys immediate understanding of your company, brand or products to the customer.  When communicating with the social media, you must be able to translate the message in tune with the target audience […]

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Benefits of Integrating a News Section in Your Website

by in Web Design on January 8, 2014

Having a news section in your website is not an extravaganza, it is requirement of time. News section will benefit you in umpteen ways.  Let us have a peek into the most striking ones. 1. Keeps your clients or prospective customer informed Allow your clients to know and learn about the latest and greatest achievements […]

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How To Market and Control Your Viral Content

by in Web Design on October 3, 2013

As you are in the constant search to find ways to expand your business online, you definitely utilizing the chances of social media. Sometimes even after you invest your great effort, time even money, the results you obtain may not be satisfactory or far down from your ROI. You are not getting required exposure in […]

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Benefits of Outsourcing Printing To India

by in Prepress Services on September 27, 2013

Though outsourcing a broad term, it is often used exclusively for defining IT related services only. When it comes to printing, outsourcing take a different set of service ranging from order processing, printing, imaging to graphics generation. Printing outsourcing services can not only opt by printing companies but corporate also can utilize the opportunity as […]

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A Primer on Web Marketing

by in Digital marketing on September 23, 2013

Now a day, business is all about making your presence felt online at the right time.  But does a just presence make it? A blatant no.  Instead be there for your customers with the right products in the right time, right time means when they needing your product/service. The scope of internet marketing is huge […]

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