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The POKE Game In Facebook

by in Digital marketing on January 7, 2013

Few days before I was busy in one of the Facebook group, when all of a sudden a very old friend poked me. then I thought to poke him back & did so even. Then soon, he poked me back & again I poked him. This game continued for 15 mins & then with a […]

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The New SEO: A Must Know Fact For The Content Creators

by in Web Design on January 7, 2013

Do you maintain a website or blog? If yes, then you must be aware of the new process of improving the visibility of your website in the search engine. I am talking about the recent developments in Search engine optimization, that helps in providing fine benefits to the content creators. Previously, the search results simply […]

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E-Commerce Web Application

by in Web Design on December 30, 2012

I remember my early days when there was no facility of online shopping or e-commerce. To buy or sell any product, we used to think many a times, run to the shop many times & over all run after a partner to accompany us to choose the right product. Thanks to the web development & […]

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CONTENT WRITING: A Means Of Earning On Web World

by in Web Design on December 27, 2012

What can not internet & web world not earn you these days? Wonder how fast the world is growing through the internet world. Content writing is also a mean to earn you with profit & fans. It is a common term that includes all kind of writing on internet, A content writing can be described […]

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The Game Of Sand: Sand Art & Sand Animation In India

by in Graphic Design on December 26, 2012

An interesting game to note down, Sand Art is the practice of modelling sand into artistic form like sand sculpture, sand painting or sand brushing etc. Many of us in our childhood must have visited many sea beach and definitely tried to build a house or temple of sand, i.e called sand castle and also […]

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B2B Companies & Social Media

by in Digital marketing on December 22, 2012

B2B or Business-to-Business companies are those which describes commerce transactions between business like business between a manufacturer & a wholesaler or between a wholesaler & a retailer. Today, many of the entrepreneurs are doing B2B transaction & for you information, we must also say that they are using social media as a tool for their […]

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Facebook In Short

by in Digital marketing on December 20, 2012

Since the most favourite and used social network FACEBOOK was introduced, it has been changing its features and appearances by adding new features and customization.Prior to introduction to new Facebook,security was always a major challenge which Facebook developers were facing.But as time progressed,developers introduced many features. Using “https” instead of “http” is one of the […]

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Social Media: A Marketing Tool For Booming Business

by in Digital marketing on December 15, 2012

Are you in to any business? Do you spend time in internet? Are you concerned with marketing for your booming business? Then, here comes the best solution, i.e. Social Media. Social media includes web- and mobile-based technologies which are used to convert communication into interactive dialogue among organization, communities and individuals. Most Used Social Media […]

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Social Networking Sites In Our Daily Life

by in Digital marketing on December 13, 2012

Ever thought of a single day without Social media? of course not. It is like in night, while on bed you think of what status you put tomorrow in your Facebook. Early morning reading twitter eagerly like it is the morning newspaper. This way or the other we need to admit; we all are addicted […]

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