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Why Business Owners Need to Know Designer Skills

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What all skills are to be tested while choosing your designers?

Do you know the popular software that your designers must use?

This is a set of guidelines on choosing the best designers from a set of many.

Know about what to ask before you hire a designer on the business perspective.

When you are about to hire a good designer for your firm, it is compulsory to test whether he has the designer skills. Today the business has reached highly challenging and it is very important to take care of the designs to attract the people. Only a better designed business products as well as its website come noticeable to the public and stand out from your competitors. So in this article, you can get an idea about the present designer skills and a way to test them for a better approach on your business marketing and brand awareness.

A designer can be tagged as an expert, when he is confident with the skills before he could go up and obtain the clients. When we think about a designer, it is common to think that those guys must have the ability to draw. Yes, it is true, but as far as the present cyber era is taken, a good designer must also spend enough time before his program to master its tools to better express his idea of drawing.

Major Skills Needed for a Designer

Let us look at some of the skills needed for a designer. The designers can also make a good suggestion at the sales and marketing side, which comes to the next skill category related to the business. Make use of the strategies of the designer in creating a better business plan with the designs that can make use of the benefit of positive cash flow.

Communication skill is also one of the skill that we must not forget. Only by better communications, do your business grow rapidly. A good designer will come up with great suggestions, that needs a good communication skill. This also deals with how the designer deals with transferring the work status when you are away by other communication mediums. Talking about the suggestion, the level of ideas that he comes up with is also to be tested. Give him a problem to solve, and the answer determines how much he can deliver the new ideas. Good innovative design ideas can generate serious income to the firm. A designer must also be updated with the groups of graphic designers too, with having the networking skills. Now there are events and seminar happening related to the industry of design, as it is one of the most important sectors that every business needs.

Getting Updated with the Trends

A brand new skill that came up along with the emergence of social media is getting updated with the social updates. Social media is indeed a great source to get known very great design works from top designers. Your designer must follow some of the top designers that can help his designer skills too. Most of the good designers refer designs from social media for the inspirations. Take a test on your designer by suggesting some of the popular online spaces to see design samples today. If you don’t find answers, give him time to spend on social media, to find designs of inspirations, which can also improve his design quality

Be Aware of the Potential of Designer Software

Let us look at some of the software skills your designer must have of which you can take a note on the tools below to test them. The most popular software, of course, is that even you heard about is the Adobe PhotoShop which is a pixel based photo manipulation product. The product acts as the foundation of graphic designing, Do make your designer spend an amount of time in a week to learn the techniques on this powerful software. You can also understand the potential about the software when you see them use its tools, of which the selection tool is a good one to watch out. You can suggest the changes you like with the concepts of layering and arrangements along with your favorite color combinations. But when you are in the early stage where a logo needs to be design prefer using Adobe Illustrator, a vector based graphic designing product that can also help to create posters and design prints. Good designers spend a lot of time on the tools that can really increase the design quality after exploring the tool’s potential. Some business needs design the magazines, brochures for marketing or sales copy that are taken as a bulk. These works can be done using a layout program, especially like the Quark Express or Adobe InDesign with designers creating master pages or a 32 page catalogue. The designers must have experience in creating and managing the images around the texts and the paragraphs, making the customer read and notice the business services. Some needs none of the above, as they will be interested to create animation designs to attract the visitors on the website. Consider using the software Flash, for interactions and animations. But please take a note that using the flash is not recommended in your website as it might take time to load, and also can be replaced by using the scope of html javascripts and CSS to perform the same function.

Trying the Best with the Website Designers

Designing the website is also important just like you set up your physical store for the customers to come and check out your products. Now there are high end and beautiful websites that communicate to the customers with their interactions and designs that are story telling mode of display. The designs of the website are very important as it directly affects the inquiry from the customers. Now on this website designing section, your designer needs to deal with the codes and must have the basic idea in HTML, CSS and the javascripts and to use tools like Dreamweaver. Most of the business now uses the content management system to update their website easily when they need to do so. So managing the design part of these CMS (Content Management System) needs knowledge on those platforms like the WordPress. The website technologies are drastically increasing like nothing else that makes many design abilities possible with newer modes of creation using the HTML-5 and CSS-3. Did you also know that the typography in your design works is very important that affect the sales and conversion drastically. Usage of the correct and standard fonts and its sizes and arrangements is very important. Your designer can master skills from the font reference guide to understand which all fonts can go together.

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Test Your Designers Today

Below are the pointed to be noted to test your designer as we summarize the blog post

·       Provide Innovative Business Design Solutions

·       Social Updates

·       Typography Skills

·       Adobe Photoshop

·       Adobe Illustrator

·       Quark Express or Adobe InDesign

·       Communication Skills

·       Networking Skills

Getting Help and Support from the SmartKID Designers

Have you tested these skills of your designer yet? If you are unhappy about the present designer, make sure what skills of above he lags and correct it. Make sure that your designers are up to date with the adequate skills in the designing process that falls under the category of business oriented skills, coding, software usages and others like the typography. The SmartKID can help you find the best designer that your company needs. We have been dealing with our clients worldwide in providing the designs needed for their business.

Know more about our designers who can help your business to the next level. Today most of the design agency are very expensive for a small business to afford on outsourcing the designs works. We understand the quality needed for your business and offer design solutions with prices that you can go ahead with. SMARTKid Designers are experienced to deal your business design requirements.