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Essentials of Facebook Advertising

by in Digital marketing on August 27, 2013

Social media has already catches up with every other media channel and is extending. Among the plethora of social media site Facebook rules the roost, such is the potential of Facebook in the current time. The reach of Facebook is unimaginable. No wonder it becomes a brilliant and ideal platform to rollout your advertisements. Here […]

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How to Strengthen Your Online Branding?

by in Digital marketing on August 12, 2013

Your online exposure greatly depends on how you target your business or service to grab the maximum attention of otherwise amorphous online populace. As with the number of people who treat online worlds as a business guide fast increasing, businesses are left out with Hobson’s choice. Most of the businesses have realized this fact and […]

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How Google Plus Complements Your Web Presence

by in Digital marketing on July 30, 2013

It is obvious that the social media performance of your website is a complementing factor in determining the success of your web presence. And Google, overtly and covertly hinted that social media signals are strong indicators of your website’s success in the crowded online search market. Grabbing their own due share from there is the […]

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SEO After Penguin 1. 0 and 2.0

by in Digital marketing on July 16, 2013

With each Google update, much hues and cries have been happened among SEO communities and web as well. Amid this clamouring, it will be very difficult to get hold of  things that are right. To speak the truth, SEO is evolving. more precisely, the whole SEO terrain is refining.  Before the Panda update, many low […]

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Mobile-Social Marketing – Your New Terrain

by in Digital marketing on June 18, 2013

Now you can reach to the pedestrians on the roads or tourists tucked away in the remote Pacific islands in a blink of seconds, thanks to new generation gadgets – Smartphone, Tabs, Ipads etc. Mobile social networking helps you stay connected to customers cutting across distance and time at ease.  You can announce your business […]

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A Sneak Peek into Google Glass

by in Digital marketing on May 23, 2013

Google is always on the innovative edge with highly sensational innovative initiations. Earlier Google stunned us with Driverless car, now it’s with much talked ‘Google Glass’. Let’s have a quick sneak-peek into this wearable glass gadget, which offers both interesting at the same time appalling experience. It seems internet and tech bloggers busy discussing about […]

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