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Tweak Your Marketing Graphic Designer Skills

by in Featured, Graphic Design on June 19, 2014

No doubt, the unprecedented growth of graphic design has revolutionized the entire concept of communication, especially for businesses to convey a message to a particular audience. From the simple art of image and typography it has gone long way to a high-end, sophisticated communication tool. In every field, irrespective of the type of requirement graphic […]

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A Quick Guide on Graphic Designing for Creative Business

by in Graphic Design on April 22, 2014

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Ever since the business have entered into an online competitive market, the need of graphic designing is absolutely essential to express your product and the services to the general public in this cyberspace era. People are now more likely to notice and get the service of a website/company that appears excellent. How do you find […]

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Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy – Part I

by in Digital marketing, Featured, Graphic Design on February 25, 2014

The Real Truths of SME Marketing The truths which surround the “Marketing World” are as old as the human civilization. Mankind discovered early, that human survival was linked to sharing their community resources. Ancients traded through barter. Local economics sustained itself, but by limiting its own growth, disregarding both needs and luxuries. Barter system negated […]

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How Indian Art Inspires Graphic Designers

by in Graphic Design on August 2, 2013

Graphics have a long and varied history. From animal representations found on the walls of caves in different parts of the world to the modern computer generated designs, graphics have come a long way. Graphic design is the profession of combining visuals/pictures, and text in advertisements, publications, art, trade-mark symbols, or websites, with the aim […]

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The Game Of Sand: Sand Art & Sand Animation In India

by in Graphic Design on December 26, 2012

An interesting game to note down, Sand Art is the practice of modelling sand into artistic form like sand sculpture, sand painting or sand brushing etc. Many of us in our childhood must have visited many sea beach and definitely tried to build a house or temple of sand, i.e called sand castle and also […]

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Indian Paintings: A Model Of Indian Tradition & Culture

by in Graphic Design on December 1, 2012

Painting has a great history in Indian art. Among the Indian paintings; Rock paintings were the earliest one. Indian painting provides an aesthetic theory that extends from the early civilization till today. Every Indian painting has a reason for its creation. Forms Of Indian Paintings: Basically Indian paintings can be classified as Mural paintings & […]

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