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GOODBYE To Bad Neighbous For The Good Of Your Website

by in Web Design on January 15, 2013

There are few neighbours of mine, who constantly try to affect the happiness & prosperity of my home. There are also some neighbours who are always good in their nature & attitude and who make me understand how to take my home in a progressive way. So, I have decided to say “Goodbye” to my […]

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The New SEO: A Must Know Fact For The Content Creators

by in Web Design on January 7, 2013

Do you maintain a website or blog? If yes, then you must be aware of the new process of improving the visibility of your website in the search engine. I am talking about the recent developments in Search engine optimization, that helps in providing fine benefits to the content creators. Previously, the search results simply […]

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E-Commerce Web Application

by in Web Design on December 30, 2012

I remember my early days when there was no facility of online shopping or e-commerce. To buy or sell any product, we used to think many a times, run to the shop many times & over all run after a partner to accompany us to choose the right product. Thanks to the web development & […]

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CONTENT WRITING: A Means Of Earning On Web World

by in Web Design on December 27, 2012

What can not internet & web world not earn you these days? Wonder how fast the world is growing through the internet world. Content writing is also a mean to earn you with profit & fans. It is a common term that includes all kind of writing on internet, A content writing can be described […]

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Typography: The Secret To Web Design

by in Web Design on December 1, 2012

A very common term in Web design; “Typography”, is an integral part of design. It  refers to the use of fonts on the world wide web. When we talk of Typography”; another common term comes in it & that is Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) which is a style sheet language used to describe presentation written in […]

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How to Grab Audience Attention to Your Content

by in Web Design on June 25, 2012

Blogger world always talk about content and its pivotal role in framing the online (as well as offline) market strategy of every business. No doubt content is the brand identity of any company or website they flag, it is important to carve it out thoughtfully. Content that is different, genuine, stating should widely appeal. Moreover, […]

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