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E-Commerce Web Application

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I remember my early days when there was no facility of online shopping or e-commerce. To buy or sell any product, we used to think many a times, run to the shop many times & over all run after a partner to accompany us to choose the right product. Thanks to the web development & increasing e-commerce facility now, that make life easier & simpler.

Electronic commerce or e-commerce is the buying & selling of products or services over electronic systems like the internet & other computer networks. It also includes the security business transaction & Electronic Data Interchange(EDI), i.e the business-to-business data exchange. We will go through various types of e-commerce in the following section.

Types of E-Commerce:

let us have a glance on various types of e-commerce

1. Business to Consumer(B2C) E-Commerce: It is a platform for the businesses & consumers’ interaction. The basic concept of B2C is to sell the product online to the consumer.

2. Business to Business(B2B) E-commerce: It is the largest form of e-commerce. B2B is similar to manufacturer issuing goods to the retailer or wholesaler. Making it simpler; if you want to buy any product to consumer, you first need to purchase it from the producer of that product. Like for example, if you are a Laptop dealer & sell “Dell” laptops, you first need to buy those from a Dell wholesaler and then sell them to your consumers.

3. Consumer to Consumer(C2C) E-Commerce: It helps the dealing of goods or services among people. It rather involves the electronically facilitated transactions between consumer through some third party. “Online Auction” is a good C2C E-Commerce example.

4. Peer-to-Peer E-Commerce: It is a discipline that deal itself which assists people to instantly shares related computer files & computer sources without having to interact with central web server.

5. Mobile Commerce(M-Commerce): This implies the transactions through the help of a mobile device.

Benefits Of E-Commerce Web Application Development:

Let us have a list of some benefits of E-commerce web application development.

* It increases revenue generation as in this case, the marketing is faster.

* Customer loyalty is built up through E-commerce, that affects the brand value.

* It involves a global marketing with active participation.

* The best benefit is to the consumers; where there is a trouble-free purchasing of goods.

* E-commerce creates a technological awareness among the people & increases their standard of living. The World’s Largest Online Retailer:

Amazon is an American multinational E-commerce company founded in the year 1994 & is the world’s largest online retail. Amazon has separate retail websites for separate countries. It first started as an online book store. Later it diversified its business towards selling of DVSs, CDs, MP3 downloads, software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, jewellery and almost everything now!