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Facebook In Short

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Since the most favourite and used social network FACEBOOK was introduced, it has been changing its features and appearances by adding new features and customization.Prior to introduction to new Facebook,security was always a major challenge which Facebook developers were facing.But as time progressed,developers introduced many features.

Using “https” instead of “http” is one of the major features which enables a Facebook session to be secured from hackers.

Users have a security option in their account settings using which they can be provided by an indicative message from Facebook about their source of login, delivered right to their mails.An email will be delivered informing the user when Facebook login was commenced using an unrecognized and unfamiliar system by Facebook. This results in higher security.

A friend request sent,can be restored or cancelled even during its pending state.This feature was introduced in new Facebook.

Simulations and synchronization with Email clients and servers is another vital feature provided by Facebook. While professions are working in their offices or when someone wants to be informed about getting notified when any new message/notification/add request/updates arrives,without opening Facebook site,then this feature is helpful.Facebook notifies them through their email addresses.

Using Cool and dynamic applications in Facebook such as “reader” etc provides user with the updates notifying ,what their friends are reading right now.This way knowledge and idea sharing takes place rapidly and smartly.

Introduction online chat,communication through private,public groups,pages etc in Facebook help bloggers to publicize their blogs.