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Understanding Prepress and Printing Services from the SmartKID

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Have you ever felt like your prepress and printing services would get a huge shot in the arm if only you could utilize the latest technologies in your work?

Or maybe you want to bring down costs that are usually incurred, especially during these tough economic times, but without sacrificing on the quality of your service?

What if you were told that you could get the best of both worlds with one simple solution?


Yes, the answer to all your conundrums lies in outsourcing your Prepress and printing services to India. And there’s no one better who can undertake your project and complete it successfully than the highly experienced heads at SmartKID.

By outsourcing your printing services to a dedicated remote firm in India, you’ll be able expand your horizons into new fields of business avenues, saturate your prepress and print services to drive in more efficiency, reduce the expenditure that is normally incurred in this type of work and be assured of top line results in all your assignments.

The specialist staff at SmartKID are renowned for their ability to expertly tackle Prepress and Print Production projects as well as address all the necessary back office operations that are needed to deliver excellence in a print production project effectively and in line with the deadlines.

Some of the services we claim expertise at include :

• Artwork management

• Web2Print and ecommerce

• Online printing

• Project estimation

• Production planning and remote CTP

• Press management

• Third party software handling

• Tech and customer support

Artwork Management

With cutting edge technology and diverse printing packages at their disposal, SmartKID’s art team are ever ready and always on form when it comes delivering artworks quickly on time, editing them as per client wishes, making sure the high standards are upheld and getting the artworks thoroughly prepared for production.

Web2Print and Ecommerce

With the latest web2print systems and highly competent eCommerce solutions, SmartKID offers you the chance to grow your business exponentially and stay one step ahead of the competition by implementing the printing techniques of tomorrow.

Online Printing

The traditional mode of printing has become a passe. Digital printing has left behind the yellow pages and paper ads in the lurch with it opening a whole new world of marketing opportunities.

And we at SmartKID are more than capable of running your online print campaign where with our extensive knowledge, tall experience and advanced tech, we’ll be able to cover the full fledged strategies from social media and promotions to SEO and email marketing.

Print Estimation

Accurate print estimations are crucial when it comes to handling a project, with deep knowledge and expertise of the printing industry being key factors that could determine the success of any project.

The SmartKID print estimators are second to none in their field of expertise and can help you precisely calculate/estimate the print quotes for all your projects and clients , going a long way in saving you from the catastrophe of wrong estimations that could essentially derail the whole project.

Production Planning and Remote CTP

Have you ever thought of how it would be like to have the print production planning and computer-to-plate (CTP) services taken care of remotely?

With highly evolved, widely acclaimed approaches and techniques, SmartKID can double the efficiency of your print production and make a huge difference in the timing and cost factors.

With SmartKID in the picture,  production planning becomes in principle an assimilation of several jobs into a single one which could be handled by the machines, that are then transferred into plates and subsequently to paper.

Press Management System

The ever dependable Press Management System from SmartKID is known all over the industry for the state of the art tech behind it and the seamless work process it enables by printing press organization, order management, quotes and artworks handling as well as all round customer support  that could be the lifesaver in eliminating errors and communication problems that usually affect the print workflow.

Third party software handling – ApogeeX Delano and Prinect

The award winning tech team from SmartKID are experts at managing third party softwares such as ApogeeX Delano, Prinect, PDF engine among other artwork management and print production tools which are vital in the modern day workflow of prepress printing production and print environment.

Tech and Customer Support

Without proper maintenance and support for your print tools and softwares, your whiole workflow will go up for a toss.

This is where SmartKID can lend it’s expertise to you by offering dedicated support, regular maintenance, error management and enhancements to your print press management systems.

SmartKID can also act as your customer support team offering back office assistance for the press and print team, apart from being the middleman seamlessly handling your print production staff and your clients.

Know more about the printing and the prepress services and support from India.