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GOODBYE To Bad Neighbous For The Good Of Your Website

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There are few neighbours of mine, who constantly try to affect the happiness & prosperity of my home. There are also some neighbours who are always good in their nature & attitude and who make me understand how to take my home in a progressive way. So, I have decided to say “Goodbye” to my bad neighbours & a fresh “Hello” to my good neighbours. Apart from this real life incidence, let us talk on the neighbourhood of a perfectly optimized website & the bad impact of bad neighbourhood.


Sandbox effect, also called as Sandboxing or the Google penalty; is the name given to an observation of the way Google ranks web pages in its index.

Think of the reason behind the low rank of a website in search engine, even after good quality contents and right keyword density, but with many outbound links. It can be due to the sandbox effect which keep the website at low rank in search engine

Reverse Sandbox effect:“A reverse sandbox effect helps the new pages with good content, but without inbound links; to come at a high rank.”

Truly saying, you can not do much about the Soundbox effect; but there are other option which may take your website to increasing rank in the search engine. You just need to figure out the obstacles in the path of your deserved ranking. You need to carefully examine your site & also the sites that are linked to you. these linked sites may create problem in your way. Why not say a Goodbye to such bad sites or bad neighbours?

Let us have a look on how to avoid bad neighbours, welcome good neighbours and take your site to a high rank in the search engine.

* Avoid Bad Neighbours & Have a Careful Linking: Links are one of the most important stuff for high ranking. It is true that if you have more inbound links(incoming links to a website); the high is the website ranking. However, the more outbound links(Outside links), the worst is your ranking.

These links or the bad neighbours can take your site to disastrous state. So, whenever you are linking your website to other, do have a proper analysis of the link and avoid linking to improper places. It may happen that you may be penalized for things that you have not done, but just have linked your site to other sites. However, if there are many inbound links from suspicious site; it is not your fault. the search engine will behave good towards you!

* Figure Out The Good Neighbours: It is very difficult to judge a person, to figure out who is good & who is bad. This is because “The human mind is the most complex material to go through!”. However, thanks to the web world where you can figure out which site is good & which one is bad. You may now ask “How to figure out the bad & good site, when the web world is so vast?” the answer to this is very simple.

Just check you need to perform, if you have doubts on some sites you are linking to. Type “”, where is the site you are performing a check about 7 see if Google returns any result from it. If it does not come with any result, it means the site is banned from Google & you need to remove any outbound links to If Google returns with some result, it means the site is a good one.

So, you can easily figure out your Good & bad neighbours through this method.


I have links to all my neighbours, but it is also true that I keep a watch on the safety of my home. So, I try to avoid the bad neighbours & welcome the good ones to my home.