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Graphic Design on a Budget: 10 Tips for Great Results

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Graphic design, in all its forms is important for any business or organization that intends to get ahead in its sphere of influence. However, it doesn’t always come cheap and so it is important to find options that help you to stay within your intended budget. To do that, you need to consider the following:

D-I-Y (for small projects)

Sometimes the work needed is simple enough. You can do this yourself using some free graphic design software instead of hiring a designer. If you need high quality design that makes your product sell you will have to work with a professional graphic designer.

• Consultant or small-time designer

Again, this depends on the kind of work you need done. You could simply post your work on an auction site to have designers bid on it and take the lowest bid with the highest quality work.

• Budget

You need to decide the budget for you to stick to it. For big jobs that may need a consultant, leave some wiggle room to avoid compromising on quality.

• Get all you facts straight

There are some things that you have to be clear about from the outset:
a. What are you selling?
b. What is your target demographic?
c. What are the key benefits of your product or service?
d. What is unique about your product or service?
e. What are the most common reviews you receive about your product or service?
You need to have this communicated to your designer in order to create the best design possible.

• Correct copy

Edit and proofread your copy to limit the number of copy changes that could cost more than you intended. Give your designer something as close to the content desired in the final product as possible.

• Details

Be precise about what exactly you want from your designer in terms of image, format and other capabilities you would like your design to have. Being vague could eventually be expensive.

• Prompt responses

Make sure you get back to your designer promptly with every communication. This helps the designer to make the changes while the design is fresh in his mind and avoid spending more time (and money) on your job.

• Let the designers do their job

Avoid micro-managing the project. Give details but allow the designer to develop the concept creatively with what you have given. Otherwise the process can be time-consuming and very frustrating for all involved.

• Decisiveness

Trust yourself to make the best choice from the options provided by the designer. Don’t get a lot of opinions because that will delay the process.

• Double-check!

Go through the final proofs word for word and make sure everything is exactly as you want it to be. Get the corrections done before getting the final product out. It is a lot more expensive to fix the final product than the final proofs.

While you may need to get a consultant on your design jobs, you won’t have to break the bank with these tips.