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Graphic Design Outsourcing Advantages

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Outsourcing has become a mainstay in business lexicon since the last decade, totally overwhelming and transforming the industry in a way that had never been expected. Outsourcing has simply revolutionized the business community and it’s prevalence is seen most in the digital space.

These days it’s difficult to come across any business that does not use outsourcing at least in some part because of the many advantages it offers such as bigger talent pool, lower expenses and better efficiency.

Outsourcing for your design solutions

When it comes to the modern internet age audience, graphics and design reign supreme. No more do people have the time or attention span to read through the fine print and make their mind appropriately based on the content. It’s either get blown away by the appealing graphics and then go over the content or move onto the next alternative.

With that being the case, it becomes all the more vital for you to get some excellent graphic done for your business, irrespective of the type, if you wish to retain and allure customers.
But in an economic downturn that has everybody scuttling for cost savings, where do you find great graphic designs that do not burn a hole in your pocket?
The answer lies in outsourcing.

Outsourcing for your graphic design would not only be a lifesaver for your business but also serve as a vital gamechanger on how you go about your work. It helps you acquire top notch talent from across the world, get all your project demands and objectives fulfilled, improve efficiency and time management as well as cut down costs to a minimum.

Outsourcing is simply the smart way to get your work done. With that said, let’s see all that is there to know about outsourcing for your graphic designs.

Destination : India – Advantages of outsourcing

India has become the hottest destination for design outsourcing thanks to the burgeoning young talent that is wholly dedicated to their work, the ease of communication that might stand as an obstacle with other countries, the higher foreign exchange that helps in cutting costs and a whole industry that is very receptive to outsourcing as a platform for their work. Here are some of the few advantages of outsourcing your design work among other projects to Indian firms.

• Best of the best : As mentioned before, one of the biggest perks of outsourcing is getting access to the finest talents in the field from across the world. These are skilled staff, experts at their competencies who will dedicate their efforts to working on your task that would otherwise be burdened on your non specialized employees.

• Your core activities are the priority : when you have to deal with tasks that are vital but different from your core activities, invariably your workload increases bringing down the overall effectiveness. But when you outsource certain tasks, you’ll be able to better concentrate and give your best to what you are good at.

• Superior risk management : By working with an outsourcing company, you’re infact mitigating all the risk factors that come entailed with each task and sharing it with someone who can keep an extra eye, take responsibility and resolve any issues incase something should go wrong.

• Improve efficiency : Outsourcing tasks that you’re not good at makes sure that your in-house team is equipped with everything needed to get the absolute best out of them. Your internal work force is fully energized to maximize their potential.

• Round the clock : When Outsourcing to countries like India which have different time zones, you can literally work round the clock. So while you finish the day job and go home, the team on the other side of the world would just be starting their day giving you an unparalleled level of efficiency.

• Flexibility : It gives you the benefit of employee mix ‘n’ match. When the business is dull, you can scale down your workforce and when it’s up and running, you can get more people to join in, all as per your whims and fancies with no repercussions.

• Enhance your service : With an able partner working beside, you’ll be able to offer much faster turnaround time, high quality deliverable, enrich your production capability and improve your service all around.

• Outpace your competition : By partnering with a specialized firm, you’re moving one step ahead of your competitors with a strategic edge and best of the breed goals offering you the opportunity to surpass and jump to whole new playing field.

• Save costs and save BIG : quite simply the basic tenement that made outsourcing a phenomenon, cost savings with this approach would be tremendous. At the basic level, you’re cutting costs upto 30-40% for the same work, at times of superior quality, which can wholly transform your organization top down.

• Take your business to next level : It has been consistently proved that outsourcing helps in boosting customer loyalty, maximizing ROI, driving up sales, bringing in another level of quality, enriching business value and much more.

Problems with outsourcing and resolving them

Like with everything in life, outsourcing does throw it’s fair share of downs but the key thing to remember is alot of it is brought by a inferior choice of outsourcing partner rather than the system itself. All the issues that are going to be mentioned can be remedied by choosing the right partner but it’s still important to be aware of them and conscious of how to overcome them.

• Losing control : when you decide to give a project or task to another firm, you’re transferring all the control over it to them and you will only have access to final deliverables, so you have to be prepared to not be in line of sight with the whole process. They will be only working with profits in sight and might not share your values or policies.
You can rectify this by clearly outlining what your company stands for, how you want the work to be done and in general looking for someone who shares your outlook. You can also plan out regular updates and status reports that will keep you in the loop and still give you a degree of control.

• Hidden costs : While outsourcing helps to save money alot, you should also be aware of hidden costs that are up and above the contract. Legal fees, transaction, forex, overhead maintenance et al might add on to your expenses.

You should hire a top rate lawyer and clearly go through the contract as well as get a hand on the other possible fees you might incur before putting pen to paper.

• Security and confidentiality : Any business regardless of its size or vertical has its own confidential data (payroll, medical records or any other data) and a layer of security that blankets its interests (proprietary company data, intellectual items, ideas and knowledge). Outsourcing opens this up to a level of vulnerability that you otherwise would not want to be exposed to.

You should diligently analyse the outsourcing company to ensure your data is always under protection and make airtight contract clauses that would inflict significant penalty should anything occur.

• Quality issues : Even though your contract will outline the level of quality the outsourcing company has to deliver, they might just satisfy the base requirements instead of giving their best. Their perception of quality might also come from a different point of view and this work might suffer.

The company you work with should not be just driven by profits but must understand your need to make a mark in your vertical. You ought to strictly outline what exactly you expect and what you won’t accept. They should be in total sync with your view of quality deliverable and ought to see your relationship as a partnership rather than a business deal.

• Tied to the fortunes of another firm : You should be aware that as an outsourcing firm, they’ll have clients other than you as well as run a business of their own. This means when you share a part of your business to them, you’ll have to be conscious of their business too.
You ought to get a priority partnership in place where you get the biggest billing and full focus regardless of their other clients. You should also make failsafe protocols in the beginning itself so that their downturns do not affect you.

• Bad publicity : outsourcing has been disparaged to be an unwelcome term for the resident populace, so it may affect the morale of the workforce as well as the community in these times of economic difficulty.

Try to make people understand that you’re only outsourcing work that cannot be done, that it would be good for the company’s growth, in turn beneficial for them. Always take in the employees opinion beforehand and try to lift up the morale.

• Cultural differences : This could be a factor because everything is subjective and thus can vary widely among cultures. You could also have problems communicating, sharing ideas, on the perception of what’s good and what’s not, work ethics, etc.

In order to overcome this, you have to cross borders of culture and come to a mutual understanding on what can be achieved and differences you have. Again, you have to find someone you can be in sync with but also be ready to compromise on few things in order to complete the big picture.

How to get the perfect designer

There are designers and there are good designers. The former, dime a dozen, infact anybody with Photoshop can claim to be a designer these days. But a good designer is someone who can take your business to the next level. In the words of Lead Designer and Co-Founder of Tackk, Dan Klammer, “Good designers need to be great communicators and have an understanding of all functions of an experience. It’s important to not only produce solid design work, but also demonstrate the user flow and experience through prototypes. A good design that is not usable and intuitive does nothing to add to the experience, and prototype design is a much better exploration of the actual user experience.”

When it comes designing, there are so many sub sects and specialised competencies that you need to first get a clear view on what all exactly you need and then narrow down the list to those who suit your requirements.

Different types of designers

All though there are many types of designers out there who focus on specific fields, here are four main types you’re likely to come to across for the digital space.

• Website Designer – helps you in building your website by taking care of layout, graphics, content, style, and the navigation of the web pages. Some may even take care of the coding and art work while others may leave it for the specialists.

• Website Programmer – responsible for bringing the design to life, they create the code and manage the technical stuff that makes sure the site is up and running efficiently.

• Graphic Designer – The totally creative people who make graphics for everything from logos, photos, illustrations to page styles, colors, etc. They help in creating the brand for your business.

• Design Marketing Consultant – Focusing on how best to utilize your designs and market them to maximize your business potential, these guys conjure up the overall marketing strategy, and work towards getting more customers and improving the ROI.

So when you’re choosing a designer, you shouldn’t just look at his portfolio and go gaga over the pieces but assess how well the designer would accentuate your project and satisfy your requirements. There’s no point having a Picasso paint murals on your coffee table.

You need to find a designer who would be able seamlessly fit into the profile you’re seeking while at the same time offering a quality of work that reflects the standards you hold your business to.