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Graphic Design Outsourcing Finding a Designer In India

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The best method when it comes to searching for a designer is by going with references. If you have any connections, you have got to use them. By going through references, you can be assured of the quality work the designer would provide as well as have an inkling on how they work.

The designer would also be inclined to make a mark and give his best knowing that you hold the connection to both their past clients and potential future clients as well.

If you don’t have connections that are as well set, then you can just scout the web and choose your pick from the innumerable outsourcing design solutions on offer. Although you should be wary when starting with a new designer or firm, especially if you go with marketplaces like 99 designs or elance which is always advised against due to largely inferior quality, you’re very likely to find someone of high caliber who can deliver the goods. The only thing is you should filter through everybody to find someone who can match up to your expectations and work toward your needs with the potential for long term relationship who would also have experience in maintaining the web design services as well.

People you’re likely to come across

When searching for a firm to take care of your design work, you’re most likely to encounter three kinds of people. Conformists, pretty editors and Brand makers.

Conformists : These are the type of people who grab templates and stock photos, make a few changes and then pass it onto you. They are cheap with short turnaround times and have their own purposes for menial work but for a full fledged business project, are best avoided.

Pretty Editors : These are talented designers who can accurately and superbly create designs as per your brief. But that’s all, they’ll only do what you tell them to. Give them a great idea and brief and they’ll give your great design, otherwise you’re searching in the sea. You’ll never get an innovative, unorthodox and eye grabbing visual from them.

Brand makers : These are the top tier designers in the field who can make you do a 360 on your business strategy. They’ll come up with their own creative and out of box ideas from which everything else from the visuals to communication strategy encompassing logo, marketing campaigns, digital designs, stationery, business cards, etc can be built upon and their designs would give your business brand a unique image of its own. They are obviously the most expensive of all but what they can offer your business, will totally transform it.

Making your choice

When finally zeroing in on a design firm, you shouldn’t just straight away choose the first one that catches your fancy but wait it out, scout the market, look at various facets of what they can offer and then settle on your decision. Here are a few pointers on how to find the ideal firm for your business.

Check their portfolio and testimonials. This is the first thing you should do because their past will be a big indicator of their future. You need to see how sophisticated their designs have been, how relevant their experience is to your project, how well the previous clients feel about them, etc.

Google is your best friend. Look them up online but not just on google results but also their LinkedIn, Facebook pages, forums, etc. Look out for any red flags but do keep an open mind.

Ask for references and case studies.Their portfolio would be filled with their best work but that is not the whole picture, so don’t settle for it. Ask specific and relevant details from their previous work.

Look at the whole team than just their core activities. Find out how the communication and customer service department synergize with the clients, how their track record with effectively taking care of the back office operations have been. You do not want to work with someone who does not respond properly or explain to you what in blue blazes is going on with your project, do you?

Ask them a list of questions which pertains to your project and completely covers every aspect of it. Contemplate the whole project from its beginning to end and think about all the objectives in each phase, all the problems that may arise, how they could solve it and the ilk. Cover the whole base, because you don’t want any surprises to spring up in the middle of project surely.

Finally, think about the kind of relationship you want to have with the firm and whether they are equally committed to it. This should ideally be a long term association, so you ought to not rush yourself but carefully make your choice.


The design for your business is amongst one of the most important aspects you have to fully invest upon. It truly reflects your whole image and can make or break your brand value.

While the big corporates can afford to call on the top tiers of the design world, the small and medium sized business have the arsenal of outsourcing their designs which has been proven to have made it a level playing field.

Outsourcing does have it’s pitfalls, but it’s benefits far outweigh any apprehensions you might have and it could be that extra edge you need to take your business to the next level.

The only thing you need to remember is try and choose the RIGHT design firm.