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How Google Penguin is Paving Professionalism in SEO Industry

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The latest algorithm sensation of Google, Penguin is focusing on hammering down spammers and black hat followers. Minimizing spam and wiping off unethical players are the main aim of penguin. And Google keeps on releasing a slew of updates under the umbrella of penguin.

Google Penguin targets the devious techniques employed my webmasters to maximize the number of backlinks. It favors only the sites having quality content and relevant backlinks.

Quantity No More a Favouring Factor

Penguin gave Google search ranking algorithm the right antennas which equip to keep a guard on the backlinks of sites and from where it is sourced from.

More precisely, it is not the quantity of links but quality links which are going to matter. So link building is no easier as earlier. Getting links to the specific domain from reputed and relevant site is the criteria for search performance. So don’t try any shortcuts for link building that will definitely hurt your rankings.

Content Rules!!!

Content remained still the game changer even after the slew of algorithmic updates. If design makes up the flesh of your site, content is the soul. It is evident that informative and relevant content alone can play a big role in the search engine rankings of a website. After making an in-depth study on LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing, Google Penguin sharpens its potential to detect duplicate or spun content. So, there is no alternative for relevant and quality content. Go for it!

Natural Backlinks!

Each Penguin update reinstates Google’s adamancy on weighing sites having natural backlinks over those having non relevant bunch of links. So don’t go for any shortcuts or quick backlink number increasing using unethical practices. Instead build natural, solid organic backlinks, which is rewarding as well as enduring the tests of time. So, if you invest a great deal of effort in getting links by honest practices, it would be vitally positive. Penguin counts on such practices highly and this is good for both the SEO experts and clients. By this Google is giving equal opportunity for all and none will get any mileage due to keeping huge amount of less relevant backlinks.

Penguin Pushes To Play Smart

Normally with the arrival of a search algorithm update, there may be some impact either positively or negatively, no matter how perfectly you were doing SEO process. Google Penguin demands the marketers, SEO experts, webmasters and copywriters to deliver relevant and quality stuff. Raising the standard of SEO, especially the backlink building processes is crucial to succeed in the search engine ranking game. Google’s ultimate aim is to provide end users the most significant search results. And all the algorithms changes will be to meet this objective. Since Google keeps on changing its search algorithm, you have to modify your SEO strategies and sites to stay in the fray. So honestly speaking, those SEO professionals or providers engaged in facilitating fair games by sticking to rules, Google Penguin is a real game changer.