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How Retail Industry Can Benefit From Facebook Marketing

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Are you a part of the supply chain? Do you want your retail industry to grow fast and really vast? And above all, do you have a Facebook account? If yes; then here we come up with a fine solution for you.

Definitely you must have heard of E-commerce which is used for Business-to-Consumer(B2C) transactions and mail orders. If you have recently come up with your retail business; then for sure you must be thinking of how to grow your business and how to let people know about your business. No issues, when you are with your Facebook account. You can start having a Facebook business page first that would reflect about your company and business. Business transaction through Facebook/ Social media is called F-Commerce.

How To Proceed On With F-Commerce:

*`Once you are done with the creation of your Business page in Facebook, do keep this in mind that you need to update your page on a daily basis by posting pictures, and descriptions on your products.

* What attracts people towards your Facebook page is the cover image. So, try and use a perfect cover image in your business page that holds a relationship between product/service and customers.

* Do not forget to customize your page. This customizing is done by installing application that allows customers to shop or to enter into any contests in your page.

* There are payment’s tools that let your business develop a digital storefront with promotions like coupons, offer and discounts.

* One of the most important part in F-commerce is your communication. You must keep on communicating with you customers frequently so as to build up a fine relationship between you and your customers. You can communicate with people in your Page.

Remember, communication can earn you revenue at a higher rate. So, try and be a good businessman by your fine communication with people, instead being a dumb looser.


So, here Facebook gives you a new spark of online commerce called the F-Commerce. Still thinking? Come one have a try in Facebook and find out how may LIKES you get from persons all over the world to you Business page.