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How to Improve Your Current Website

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The web world is dynamic in nature and to keep your pace with it and maintain the exposure and prominence that you have gained so far, it is important to update and improve your website. It could be true that when you had designed the site, it was state of the art but with every passing day, the rule book adds one or the other clause in it. Thus, it takes a very little time for your website to lag behind. This is the reason that time and again your website calls for a makeover or at least an improvisation session.

Here are some tips that can help you save your time as well as Google rank.

Simple and Plain Navigation
Index of your website is navigation menu. You may have tried something flashy or tricky to impress your visitors but rest assured, that key to a popular website is its simplicity. So, first step to improve your current website is making its navigation menu plain and simple. Visitor should have a smooth experience in navigating through one page to another.

Clear and visible links
All those links that enable visitors to take action should be visible and clear. According to the experts, a page should have at least three such buttons that would lead the prospective client to take action. Remember, only a user friendly website can convert the visits to business at a higher rate.

Choose appropriate keywords
Requirement of public is changing every day. Last year’s trending keywords become cliché this year. You have to keep a close tab on these changes because keywords determine SEO which is the foundation of all contents that are available on internet. And you definitely don’t need to know what role SEO exactly plays in driving traffic towards website.

Increase interaction
Make your website interactive. For example, if you own an online retail store, there should be more than one option to get in touch with customer care real time. Phone number and live chat are two such ways through which your customers as well as potential customers can reach you immediately. Posts or emails take time to communicate and thus are not preferred mode.

Research is required to know how people are coming to know of you- through referrals, ad posts or search engines. Once you get the answer, focus on that mode and start working on other strategies that are overlooked.

Mobile friendly interface
Webpage should not take time to load, else by the time it opens your visitor would move to some other site. Also, your interface should be phone friendly too, as a large section of internet users browse on mobiles. Heavy pages with large pictures are not supported here. To cater this section, you need to work on your website majorly.

If you have sufficient fund, you can outsource the job to a reputable web designing firm or company or you can have a separate research and development section. If not, then the best cost effective way to improve your website is bringing changes whenever necessary, instead of putting it to be done after a time period.