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How To Make Your Web Design Distinct

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Today businesses whether online of offline opt to have a website, as having a unique website is an immediate prerequisite in the current business scenario. But a normal website won’t give you the edge to stay ahead of the race. If given some innovative thoughts and attention you can marvel in adding uniqueness to your website.

Engaging Navigational Layout

Layout is the bedrock of every web design. It is the perfect assembling of various components like navigation, content, link structure, images and design concepts as well. It is advisable to establish a pattern of hierarchy of these components. If thematic design concept is applied, follow a strict pattern of theme employed throughout the webdesign. The design pattern or theme should be adapted based on the way you want your audience perceive and utilize the website.

Layout elements can be differentially placed using color combinations, bolding, white spaces, varying brightness etc judiciously. Keep in mind that too much usage of whitespace gives an unprofessional look to a website. Page balancing is yet another important factor to be considered in the layout designing. Give due prominence to the upper and lower part of the webpages.

Last but not least, don’t clutter the layout or avoid overloading of pages.

Embed Right Color Scheme

Choosing color scheme for your website is crucial. Select the right color ensemble that can communicate to your audience more effectively. Remember the color pattern used in the website can have a huge impact on the visitor. A simple and neatly designed website assures greater audience stay around time which can favorably influence user interaction and thereby conversion rate. Nature of business, target audience, demographics, purpose of website (whether transactional or informative/educative or entertainment), goals etc. are a few things to be considered in selecting the color scheme for your website. Being sensible and innovative to deliver the right idea to the prospective audiences.

High Usability and Understandability

Every website works on the basic principle – it would be easy to use and understand. If not have an easy usable and understandable pattern that website may fail in audience interaction. Not only that, chances of losing conversion will be higher. Usability not rely on a single factor, it is  the sum total of elements you used in the website which complements faster loading webpages, easy navigational patterns, browser compatibility and all the more zero user distraction!

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