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How To Use Google Analytics Insights to Strengthen Your SEO Campaigns

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Businesses are turning more and more online these days. So undoubtedly we can say that a website is not a sheer point for just furnishing details to prospective customers. It should make them – Know, Think and Do. So how to get that golden figures of traffic to your site?  Are you aware of the details of demographics to your site.  Did your web marketing partner give you a clear picture about the ins and outs of the traffic to your website? Your web marketing company must be regularly tracking your  Google Analytics  data and fine tuning your SEO campaign strategies. Those who are planning to lay your hands first on the whole Google Analytics, here is a quick information on what it all meant.  With Google Analytics code, you will get  the whole information or statistics of your site, about the site’s performance, the visitors to your sites, the number of times they have visited, which day you got the most visitors, how much is your bounce rate, which is the popular page and which is the high bounced page of your website etc and much more. But, many are not aware of this goldmine of information to know about their precious websites. In fact, Google Analytics data analysis complements your SEO campaign.  You can track down the keywords the visitors used while visiting your site and the best performer among the keywords too! Get Started with Google Analytics: Google analytics, came up with a bounty of functionalities, comes absolutely free of any charges.  With this, along with getting your key search terms, I mean the keywords with which your visitors come to your site, you can even identify the specific pages or links in your site which get visited the most. Google Analytics allows you to categorize the visitors that frequent your site into new visitors, repeated visitors, their geographic locations and you can source back the referrals to your sites. Using Analytics Insights  – In SEO Viewpoint ‘Keywords’ – SEO is all about keywords, and most SEO campaigns revolve round them.  Depending on the singularity or strength of your brand, the keywords  can be categorized into two broad groups.  Some keywords will be as strong as your brand (the branded ones) and some need a great deal of SEO promotion (the non-branded ones) to come at par with the top ones. This is a real challenge and your web marketing partner will do the rest. Useful Referrals – They surprise you sometimes with numerous visitors to travel through your site. When you promote your site or content online, there are chances that you gain some solid visitors who can bring business to your site.  But the reverse too can happen,  no traffic at all directed towards your site with that content.  You can take remedial steps to mend your SEO campaign after analyzing your referral sources and can include effective link building strategies. Content Analysis – The brainstorming part of any site!  Google Analytics gives you an idea of the top performing pages, i.e.; the pages which the visitors are mostly interested in. This gives you an idea of the changes needed in the content in the less performing pages. This may lead to creative changes within your site including new ideations and content changes in such pages which in turn will bring more traffic to your site. To sum up,  Google Analytics is potential goldmine of data and statistics and what it  offers you is quite valuable in strengthening your SEO campaign.