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Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy – Part I

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The Real Truths of SME Marketing

The truths which surround the “Marketing World” are as old as the human civilization. Mankind discovered early, that human survival was linked to sharing their community resources. Ancients traded through barter. Local economics sustained itself, but by limiting its own growth, disregarding both needs and luxuries. Barter system negated long term planning and stunted economic evolution, both for the agricultural and industrial economy, irrespective of trade volumes and size. Yes, early civilized communities learnt at their own expense, the importance of trade and marketing, to living standards.

Solutions to any problem have always pointed to the past. Businesses are not aloof from this reality. Any business, especially an SME must draw their marketing wisdom, including Brand Advertising Plan, Brand Graphics & Websites, Brand Logo, and Brand Strategy, etc., from facts sieved through global business history and proven truths of their own past. Indeed, if you follow this advise, you will be able to see that the SMEs who stand out today, have walked the steady road to growth and continue to run the long race of Winning Brands.

How an SME can become a brand?

Brands are not built in factories. They are nurtured, with genuine effort. “I as a business analyst, have always believed in ‘playing the business arena’ by ‘optimizing the force’ of every knock and reward. As an involved SME employee, with interests in Communications, Advertising, Blogging, Social Media and Social Activities, I have built my learning curve for long term results”.

“The virtue of our, or any corporation’s success can only be measured, if the corporate in question has withstood the test of time. What is termed as meteoric rise may not outlast the steady success graph. I still choose to measure our success in terms of the number of years we are able to sustain our client’s success saga”.

As an average rule, half of the SMEs across the globe fail, because decision makers at every level of the corporate, show incompetence in assessing the value of investments they make, be it in new technology or fresh human talent. Weakness in talent spotting can add to losses, so can wrong decision making in choosing new technology.

Golden Rule of Brand Building: Learn to balance risk

If an SME learns, it learns by emulating success stories. The longer the success story of an enterprise, the easier it is to emulate. Chiefly, because it is easier to pick up the contrasts of Business Highs & Lows, and then apply them to the current SME scenario. Provided, an SME studies in earnest (through statistical graphs or investment vs profit graphs), more of such methods can be obtained from paid websites. These are easily searchable on any search engine. Ideally compare at least three success stories, to gain insights into a successful enterprise’s operational methods. No other business case study can prove “Golden Rule #1” more, which reworded reads “Invest for long term success” “Do not be mislead by unbelievable promises while making any investment”. Indeed, brands that rule the longest are the brands that have played for the long race. “It is not difficult to achieve your dreams of becoming a Major League Brand. Balance your urge to rise as a brand, with your financial capacities and other resources at your command”.


To be continued…