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Krish India Web Design’s Ecommerce Service

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Understand what is E-commerce: E-commerce or Electronic commerce is a term defined to any type of business or commercial transaction through eletronic systems like the internet & other computer networks. It allows easy services to the consumers with no barriers of time or distance. And that is why; e-commerce has expanded rapidly over past few years. For successful growth of a business through ecommerce; you must have a web presence. So, if you are thinking of business on the web, then give a first thought to e-commerce transactions through the internet. Krish India Web designs, prepare custom made e-commerce online store to satisfy your business needs. Krsih india Web Design also extend its e-commerce expertise beyond the Business-to-cunsumer retail model, so as to meet the needs of Business-to-Business transaction & other commerce related application. Types Of E-commerce: 1. Business-to-Consumer e-commerce: The basic concept of B2C is to sell the product online to the consumers. 2. Business-to-Business E-commerce: It is a business between the manufacturer and the whole seller, where the manufacturer sell the goods to the retailer or whole seller. 3. Consumer-to-Consumer e-commerce: It involves the electronically fascilitated transaction between the consumers through some third party. Things needed before you start an e-commerce website: 1. You need the list of your products/ services: Before you start e-commerce website, you will need a list of products to add to it. E-commerce website actually transcend products & can also sell some good services. 2. You need a good website design & features; Building an e-commerce site is not an easy task. It includes a list of features like the lists of product displayed, prices, quantities, descriptions etc.But you need not worry, when Krish India Web design is there to help you out and develop & design a perfect e-commerce website for you. 3. You need a secure web server 4. You need a shopping cart programming done: In e-commerce hosting, the software used to create the actual virtual store is called a shopping Cart. It handles everything required to process the selling of a product or service. Krish India Web Design has advance shopping cart with the following features: * Can create unlimited product categories. * Can crreate unlimited product sub categories. * Can add unlimited products. * Different views of products. * Product search facility. * Allows creating different colors, sizes of same product with different prices. * Order tracking * User front-end allows shoppers to track their orders & change their details. * Advanced Content Management Solutions (CMS) * Free upgrades of one year * Three months of free support 5. You need a payment gateway while using credit cards etc: E-commerce websites deals with many customers across the world & they each have their own preferred payment system. Moreover, there may be technical limitations to a payment option like the credit cards, debit cards etc. So, it would be better to clarify this payment option in advance. We in Krish India Web Design take the responsibilty of Payment gateway. 6. You need a merchant credit account from your local bank. Product E-commerce online store: Our online store solutions are developed as shop-friendly, where the shoppers sell their products online without any hassles. the admin panel allows the administrators to control the shop transaction in an easier and better way. Benefits Of E-commerce web application development: * It increases revenue generation as the marketing here is faster. * Customer loyality is build up through e-commerce that affects the brand value. * It involves a global marketing with active participation. * The best benefit is to the consumers, where there is a trouble free purchasing of goods. * E-commerce creates a technological advancement among the people & thus their standard of living increases. We Gaurantee the success of your website & rapid growth of your online business. Step in at Krish India Web Design & touch the better futurte of your E-commerce! -