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LOGO DESIGN: A Graphic Designing Area For A Graphic Mark

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Like for a psychologist, face is the main part to read & understand the mind of a person; similarly a Logo is the most important part of an organization that reflects its brand. Every company, educational institution etc have a logo or an emblem of their own. This graphic mark is used to promote instant public recognition. The Logos may either be fully graphic(symbols) or may comprise the name of the organization(a logotype).

Before coming to Logo design; we must have a brief idea on Graphic design. Graphic design is a creative process that often is referred to visual communication or communication design. Most often it involves a client & a designer and usually completed in conjugation with printers, sign markers etc; undertaken so as to convey a specific message to a particular audience. Now coming to Logo design, it is an important area of graphic design. Colour is considered an important part for brand recognition in a logo. Green is often associated with the health & hygiene sector; light blue or silver is often used in logos for food. Over years, this Logo design profession has touched its height.

A Short View On The Process Of Logo Design:

Every good work, need lot of dedication & perfect involvement. Same is in the case of designing a good logo. It is not an easy task to design an appropriate logo; it requires clear idea about the concept & values of the brand. In short, if we explain the process of logo design; it is that the process is all about formulating concept, doing initial sketch, finalizing the logo concept, deciding the theme colours & format and at the end of the day; designing a meaningful & perfect logo.

Types Of Logo Design:

Logo design is a broader part to explain. But, for a better understanding, a convenient way is to simplify it by dividing into some subtypes. Let us discuss on different types of Logo design.

1. HiTech Logo Design: The HiTech Logos are mostly abstract images that represents cutting edge companies which portray qualities like speed, light, digital technology etc.

2. Engineering Logo Design: This includes logos of technological & engineering field, portraying qualities like technical design & architectural design.

3. Science Logo Design: This kind of Logo Design includes the collection of all kind of research companies in various field of science.

4. Church Logo design: The logos of churches & ministries come under church logo design.

5. Food Logo Design: of you are a foodholic; then you must definitely be aware of the logos of various restaurants, drink production companies etc. These kind of logos are food logos & tend to be more illustrative.

6. Corporate Logo Design: Logos of corporate world basically banks & other financial organization are called Corporate logos; and the designing of such logos is called as Corporate Logo design.

7. Art Logo Design: Various art related resources like the exhibition, art galleries, studios etc even require a logo of their own. Designing such logos is called Art Logo Design.

8. Sports Logo Design: Now who is not fond of sports? Generally saying, everyone. If you have an interest in some kind of sports, then it is definite that the logo of the sports team, club etc must be imprinted in your mind. Such logo design are under Sports logo design.

9. Entertainment Logo Design: All types of entertainment companies like composers,DJs, dating services, events organization services etc have their logos. These kind of logos are entertainment logo.

Some Useful Tips Of Logo Design:

1. Understand what a logo is to represent: A logo reflects a organization, business brand. So before designing a logo; you must understand what the company is of & what the logo must represent.

2. Know the characteristics of logo design: Remember; a logo must be describable, memorable, must be effective without colour & must be scalable, i.e. effective when just an inch in size.

3. Understand the reason behind the success or failure of a particular logo: try to find the difference between a good & a bad logo. The reason behind the success of a  logo & the various mistakes of some other logo may help you in designing a perfect logo.

4. Create your own logo designing process: The easy & simple way of logo design process must be followed. It is always better to establish your own logo design process; because each person’s process differs from other & so as the way of designing.

5. Learn the logo designing software: Adobe creative suite is a popular software amongst the professional designers. To create your logo; you need to learn about the logo design software. Once you are done with the sketches & fresh ideas; you can move to start digitizing your logo in computer.

So get your Logo highlighted…Cheers!!

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