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The New SEO: A Must Know Fact For The Content Creators

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Do you maintain a website or blog? If yes, then you must be aware of the new process of improving the visibility of your website in the search engine. I am talking about the recent developments in Search engine optimization, that helps in providing fine benefits to the content creators. Previously, the search results simply used to connect keywords to websites. But now, search results of Google also connect keywords to social networks.

Few SEO Developments In Recent Days:

Here in the list below, we will be discussing on some SEO developments that took place these days.

1. Personalized Search: Personalized search refers to search experiences that are tailored specifically to an individual’s interest by incorporating information about the individual beyond specific query provided. Google personalized search is one of the several publicly available systems for personalizing web search results. Google now gets objective as well as subjective results on its search engine result page (SERPs). When you are logged on in Google & also your personalized search is turned on; you will view SERPs that combines results based on your web browsing history & the content authored by your social connections.

Now, how the content creators are benefited from this personalized search in real? By this, the content creator become visible to his direct connections, i.e. the content associated with a particular creator will be in top in personalized searches conducted by people who are in his circle or who are his follower. Secondly, the creator become visible to his indirect connections, i.e. if a content of a creator is authored by someone in Google+ network; then the content could appear in personalized results of searches conducted by that person’s connects. Third benefit is that the creator become visible to people who visit his website.

So, Content creators are advised to strengthen their social connection, so as to give their work more exposure on search engines.

2. Sharing of content in Social Networking Sites: Social sharing grow in importance for SEO. Firstly, people would love to consider social endorsements for certain types of search. Secondly, there is a self-interest. Google is committed to Google+ which is its social network. Thus, this sharing of content in Google+ gets easier.

Here, Content creators make sure that you make the social sharing buttons highlighted & attractive.

3. More emphasis on quality & transparency of the content: A great news for the content creators! Google fights content spam by focusing just on the quality & transparency of any content. it calculates the quality in its algorithm.

So, creators, keep yourself updated on how to communicate the quality of your text, images & videos to Google.

Tips For Content Creators To Enhance Social Interest In Their Content:

Here below are some quick tips for our special content creators to enhance social interest in their content.

* Convert simple text into visually engaging content so as to create immediate interest.

* Provide updated information in your content to establish a long-term interest.

* Develop a unique style in your content.

* Create exciting titles for your content that would catch the attention of viewers.

* Display attracting social sharing buttons.

* Use typography in a better sense for increasing readability.

* Keep a section for posting videos in your blogs & website to make it attractive & interesting.

* Give your users an incentive to share.

So here were some quick tips on how to catch the attention of viewers to your website & how the new SEO benefits you in getting your website in the top list of search engine. Hope it was worthy reading.