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Orkut-Face Book- Google A Social Networking Track To Move On

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I remember around four years back when I for the first time entered the Virtual World. I created my Orkut account first and as it is, those were Orkut days. People used to speak in Orkut language. SMS turned to Scraps and an important message turned to Status update or Profile message. But as a real matter of fact; now time has come when Orkut is almost dead. Facebook dominated over Orkut and thus Orkut lost its importance. Now its like a day without Facebook is impossible. After FB came in to existence it has gained so much of weightage that if a person gets into any relationship, gets engaged or married; the first thing he does is update his relationship status in his Facebook profile. But, now one thing to note that how would Google Inc sit ideal when Facebook has ruined one of its finest product, i.e. Orkut? So, it launched Google + recently which is catching the correct path in social networking along with Facebook. Now, Google + and Facebook are on the gaining side on the track of Social Networking.

A Detail Scrap On Orkut:

Orkut days are no doubt gone. But still we must not forget; it was the first interesting social networking site that attracted a lot of audience towards itself. Even now, people in Brazil and some in India follow Orkut.

Origin: Orkut is a social networking website owned by Google Inc. It was originally hosted in California on Jan 22, 2004 by Google.

Features: Orkut features are really wonderful. Let us discuss in brief about them.

  • One can add videos to his profile from either YouTube or Google video.
  • Creating either restricted or unrestricted polls for polling a community of users is made possible in Orkut.
  • There is an option to integrate GTalk that is an instant messenger from Google.
  • An user may also use LIKE button so as to share his interests with friend.
  • Each member can become a fan of any of the friend in their list and can also judge whether his friend is “Trustworthy”, “Cool”, or “Sexy”.
  • Orkut allows anyone to visit anyone’s profile, unless a potential visitor is on your “Ignore list”.

What’s On Your Mind? : A Note On Facebook

How many of us spend our free time in Facebook? How many of us wait to put our status updates on a daily basis? It is like almost every one of us! Facebook has earned so much of popularity that once a person clicks his photograph, he does not think to buy an album and put his snap on it; rather he starts assuming how will his photo look when he post it in his Facebook profile as profile picture. This is really funny; but it is a real fact. From profile picture, something that hit my mins”I have to change my Facebook profile picture. Its being long I haven’t.”

Apart from joke, let us now discuss in brief on the Facebook.

Origin: Facebook is a social networking service launched in Feb 2004. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow students.

Features: Let us discuss the features of Facebook.

  • News Feed: It is the feature that highlights information including profile changes, upcoming event, and birthday’s of the user’s friend.
  • Facebook Messages: This is an awesome feature to share messages with your friends.
  • Voice calls: Since April 2011, Facebook users have had the ability to make live voice calls via Facebook and that too its free. So, no worries if you are short of balance in your cell phone!
  • Video chatting: It a feature launched on September 14, 2011 which allows you to have video chat with your friends.
  • Facebook Subscribe: This feature allows for user to follow public updates and these are the people most often broadcasting their ideas.

Some Craziest Facebook Stories:

Now, if you gone crazy about Facebook, then let you be informed that how crazy some people are who created some real funny and bull shit stories over Facebook. So, here we come with the list of such crazy stories for a fine time pass of yours.

  1. In Feb, 2011; a mother was arrested for posting pictures of her baby and a bong on Facebook
  2. Tigo Arrington brought attention to himself by posting an implied thread to police on Facebook. When police went to investigate the threat, they found child porn on his computer.
  3. In Oct, 2011; a study came out that found 1 in 5 women would choose Facebook over Sex. Oh! even I would choose Facebook.
  4. 62-year-old Atthek Ricketts was charged with aggravated child abuse after she beat her son for having a Facebook page.
  5. Jason Valdez held a women hostage for 16 hours in a hotel room in Utah and basically live-blogged the entire thing on Facebook.
  6. In July, 2011; two dozen Dallas City Hall workers received counselling after a probe showed they spent too much time on Facebook.

So, now its your time to think, how crazy could people turn with the advancement of Facebook.

A “Stream” For Google +:

When Facebook took the front place in the track of Social networking; then how could Google stop in the midway. It launched a completely awesome social networking site called Google + in June, 2011.


  • In the “Stream”, which occupies the middle of three columns on the page; users see updates from those in their circles.
  • “Circles” enable users to organize people in to various groups for sharing across various Google products and services.
  • “Hangouts” are places used to facilitate group video chats. So, with this feature; real life hangouts will not make much of difference when you have Google + virtual life hangouts.
  • “Messenger”/ Huddle is a feature available to Android, iPhone and SMS devices for communicating through instant messaging within the circles.
  • “Games” in Google + are located under a games tab, which gives notifications that are separate from the rest of a user’s notifications.
  • “Google+ Pages” allows entities which are not individuals( like organizations companies etc) to set up profiles or Pages for the posting and syndication of posts.

Ultimate Destination Of The Social Networking Track(Conclusion):

Hey guys! if you think there is an end to this track; then let you stay informed that this Social networking track will ever keep on proceeding with new products, advancement of features and will ever rule over the real life.However, the Ultimate destination of this will ever remain VIRTUAL.