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The POKE Game In Facebook

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Few days before I was busy in one of the Facebook group, when all of a sudden a very old friend poked me. then I thought to poke him back & did so even. Then soon, he poked me back & again I poked him. This game continued for 15 mins & then with a huge laughter, I stopped the Poke game. That was a real fun then; but actually I wanted to know what exactly “Poke” mean in Facebook. I had a research on the same & so thought of writing in short about the same.

Like me, many others play this Poke game; but the exact meaning remains unknown. It is just a feature to attract the attention of another user. Its just like saying a “Hello” to your friend. But some people consider it as a form of Flirting. Wonder, what all features Facebook is coming up with, for entertainment. For me, it is annoying. But, yeah i really feel absurd to poke someone until & unless I genuinely want to. I mean; if you really want to say a Hello or Hi, then you can also post a message on his wall. But anyways, we are in such a world where everything done is very flexible. And in that case, “Poke” is really an easy task & also it adds fun to your Facebook life.

How To Poke A Friend:

What all you need to do is first go to your friend’s profile & look under the profile picture for a “Poke<name>” feature. Once you click on this link, a new window pops up that asks for the confirmation. When you click the “Poke” button; your friend will receive a Poke notification on his wall. Now, its upto him if he want to poke you back or ignore your poke.

Remember, you can only poke a confirmed friend. So, now mind you; simply do not search for beautiful girls & handsome boys over Facebook to have a Poke on them.

SuperPoke! Application Of Facebook:

If you find a simple poke annoying; then for sure you will find a SuperPoke! much more interesting. It is a much more interactive method you can use to send different kinds of Pokes that would keep you safe from misunderstanding. If you want to date a girl; then blow a kiss at her. Or if you watch at something absurd, then just Dropkick the person for saying stupid. This is really exciting if you have enough free time to spend over Facebook.

All you need is to install the SuperPoke! application & then go to Friend’s profile & just under the status box, you can click on the ” more” drop down arrow. But remember; you will see the option there only if they have SuperPoke! installed on their profile. But, no worries even if they don’t have it installed; you can still SuperPoke! them. Just go to the SuperPoke! application 7 on the right side; you find a box where you cab select who all friends to SuperPoke! from your list.

Conclusion: An End To The Poke Game

Now, Poke may help you enjoy your Facebook time; but it may be harmful for those who take it as a flirt game. For them; a free advice” If you are sending a kiss; be prepared to get a dropkick from the other side even! ”

Please do not Poke me. I have my own rules.