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Craft Market Place, Trading

Category : eCommerce, Marketing

Home page with crafters and store owners login area Website Case Study shelf Web Design Europe Web Solutions Provided : The client website is an area for crafters to locate store owners interested in selling their specific product. The website connects crafters with local store owners to find a store interested in renting, and to find a crafter interested in selling. We have developed an highly advanced web application which act like an online market place.

Industry : Retail, Business

Technology Features : - A web based system for connecting crafters to retailers. - Crafters can search space for selling their product - Store owners can search crafters through website - Administrator can make money from Inquiry in the website - Search result filtering with different parameters. - Crafters can display their product and can upload photos - Paypal payment gateway for viewing inquiry. - Powerful CMS and Admin Control Panel for managing the whole website.

Technology Used : PHP5, MySQL, Ajax, HTML5, JQUERY

Craft web user can view stores details and store owners can view craft details Website Case Study shelf Web Design Europe

Administrator area for managing all sections- CMS pages, Crafter, Store, Store owners, newsletter, banner, payment, reviews etc. Website Case Study shelf Web Design Europe