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The Voice Realm - Online Voice Casting

Industry : Audio-Visuals, Entertainment

Category: Audio-Visuals, Films

Voice Realm approached KID to design and develop an interactive website which should act as a virtual studio for sound featuring voice samples of voice talents.

Web Solutions Provided : KID designed and developed a website with application features including advanced voice management application with easy-to-manage modules and secure payment checking system.

Digital Marketing : KID’s website and digital marketing delivered strategic paid and organic partnership that resulted in increased sales month-on-month.

  • 2.5 monthly average conversion rate
  • Over 5% of traffic leakage to competitors captured
  • Over 1000 clicks per month

Ranking keywords in the first two position in for SEO - Professional voice over talent, Cheap online voiceover, professional male voiceover talent, free voice over auditions, Online voice casting service

Technology Features : - Advanced online voice casting applicaton - Voice management feature - Online audition and casting feature - Payment method PayPal Pro express checkout.

Technology Used : PHP5 and mysql5, Codeigniter, Ajax, Flash, HTML5, JQUERY

Home page is responsive web design with main menu, banner and sign in option. Below advertisers and artists are the main parts in this website.Below is the advertiser profile view section


Artist Profile section and his job listing section


Advanced and high speed searching of artist profile for better result


Artist profile list with a featured demo audio, skills,languages and rate star etc.


Administrator section with all the functionality controllers