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Redesign Your Website The Right Way

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Website Redesign India

Customer changes and so do businesses.  Everyone is on the marathon race  to be on the top of the line. Yes competition is tough and as the rule of thumb only smart ones will win the race. The things are not different in the online avenues as well. For online players websites are the best bet to stay ahead of the race.  Even if you offer best in line products or services your website is outdated or old fashioned you may fail grab new prospects.  Giving a best makeover to your website is right decision.

How to know what is best for your site and not.  Take a few minutes off from the hectic schedules and think over the revamping of your site. Have brainstorming session with your back-end and front-end teams. These all are internal matters and after all the final decision is yours.

Here are a few points to consider on when redesigning a website. Hope this will help you decide on whether to go ahead with a simple content management system for rebranding your business or a stunningly cool custom one.

Know Your Current Website
Go through your current website and assess the strengths and weaknesses of it.  Things can be considered include performance of your site, traffic, number of visitors, bounce rate, click-thru-rate, user retention rate, SEO performance, conversion figures and more. This will help you target on right focus while redesigning the new website.

Goals of New Website
First and the foremost is to have an idea on “what is the reason for the redesign?” The look and feel of the site has only secondary importance. The highlight should be given to the functionality of the site. The site should bring in a lot of traffic into it and materialize your business goals.

Analyse Market Trends and Competitor Check
Redesign Your Website The Right WayHave close study on performing  competitors to see how their sites are targeted and designed. There are ample tools available to do this. Marketing Grader is a good tool to compare the positives and negatives of your site as well as your competitors.  Don’t create a mirror site of your competitors but ideas can be adapted for redesigning your site. Follow a unique pattern to stand out from your competitor.

Safeguard Search Engine Strong Points
While going for a total redesigning chances are there to hurt to your SEO rankings and other SEO edges.   To get rid of this either you can consult an SEO Company or take advise from your existing SEO service providers. There are websites which were already ranking well nosedived to lower positions due to redesigning without proper SEO care. For example your sites inbound links will be gone without proper redirection of current website. While deleting or renaming pages make ensure all steps is taken so to not affect your current performance of your site.

KID mobile websiteYou can even consider a content tweaking to accommodate trending key terms around your business.

Also including the content sharing options such as blogs, RSS feeds, social sharing options, FAQs, and other interactive options make your site a strategic marketing weapon.

Last but not he least, make sure none of your website redesigning ideas will hurt customer focus of your site, without them your site has no relevance.