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Role of Social Media in your Marketing Communication Efforts

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Read an article a couple of days ago talking about social media driven customer decisions with the help of some statistics. Though the figures I felt bit exaggerated, the possibility and chances it pointed out sounds real.  Let me put down what I really feel and the positive side of social media engagement.

The very concept of  social media was emerged  as an online platform to get connected with friends and family, to play games, share pictures, thoughts, ideas, causes, stories and much more. But soon social media metamorphosed to a platform to be used in a more business-like way. Millions of business seekers find social media as a potential landmine to catapult their business to higher positions. Businesses today use social media as an online marketing tool not only to connect with existing customers and clients, but to catch the attention of potential customers and clients as well.  The whole exercise help businesses establish a high handedness online and definitely make a boost in their revenue. In short, a competitive social media profile has become an essential requirement for businesses irrespective of online or offline.

Well,  the huge numbers of Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter can itself outnumber a bunch of thickly populated countries. Companies have started tapping the huge potential of social media marketing, and virtually their social media profile pages now a days are standing as official mouthpieces, and many are engaging in customer care activities through these social media pages.  The prowess of social media marketing campaigns in reaching out to the customers and in creating strong brand recognition (reputation) online is now part of online reputation management  campaigns of companies across globe.

As the number of consumers going online for product enquiries and discussions or seeking peer advice and suggestions are skyrocketing, companies have to frame out social media strategies to compile and combat their business decisions. Despite this fact, the fast growing number of online social media sites and discussion forums can make or mar business prospects in a very span of time.

By identifying the core goal in using Social media marketing, businesses can use it as a very powerful marketing tool. Remember consumers expect empathy from the marketers, they are looking for peers to help them finalize buying decisions. The core success of social media marketing lies in understanding the consumer thoughts and ride with them giving purchase advices until as a helping guide. Here, social media comes in as a bell ringer that can influence, engage customers positively in taking crucial buying or purchase decisions.