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SEO After Penguin 1. 0 and 2.0

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With each Google update, much hues and cries have been happened among SEO communities and web as well. Amid this clamouring, it will be very difficult to get hold of  things that are right. To speak the truth, SEO is evolving. more precisely, the whole SEO terrain is refining.  Before the Panda update, many low quality websites grabbed top spots on Google. But such sites were swept away with the updates that followed. Now with the arrival of the latest Penguin 1.0 and 2.0, again the net talk abuzz on SEO and Penguin implications. Below is a quick recap of ‘die-hard’ SEO say-sos to be pursued. Build a User-centric Site Google favours human valued sites. If you want to get benefit from the latest Google update, offer quality content to the users rather than simply focusing on search robots. That’s, make your site convert the users.  Quality of content is crucial in outranking competitive sites. Not going to give you the lengthy list how your site content should be, please read here on how to take your content to maximum user reach. Be Focused on Keywords There are many false notions taken up when it comes to keyword density. Though there is real proof in showing favouritism of Google’s semantic algorithms towards a particular keyword density ratio figures. Using relevant keywords in the most natural way; i.e. the keywords should automatically comes in the flow of your content. Don’t simply stuff keywords in between just for the sake of improving keyword density. Leverage Authenticity in Link Building There are numerous ways for building inbound links. Whichever exercise you used to build backlinks, get it from highly relevant sites that can augment your site’s relevancy. Recently Google stated “Webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by creating high-quality sites that users will want to use and share. What that implies is your site is most important rather any high value backlink. Penguin 2.0 is not likely to be the last of  the algorithm update from the Google, expect new updates in this series.  Google, in an effort to  push aside wrong players dominating it’s  SERPS, will take more rigorous steps in the days ahead. So all the  bad optimization techniques existed in the SEO world will be axed off. So equip your site to stay steady with the next Google updates.