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Social Networking Sites In Our Daily Life

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Ever thought of a single day without Social media? of course not. It is like in night, while on bed you think of what status you put tomorrow in your Facebook. Early morning reading twitter eagerly like it is the morning newspaper. This way or the other we need to admit; we all are addicted to social media. It is for sure that we are connected 24*7 with the social networking sites.

Different Social Networking Platforms For Different Age Groups & Sex:

There are a lot of SNS(Social Networking Sites) like Facebook, twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn etc which are used by people of different age group and sex. Let us discuss on short about the same.

* LinkedIn is used by about 63% of men and 37% of women. rest all SNS have more female users.

* The average adult MySpace user is 32 & the average adult LinkedIn user is 40. When we come to Facebook, the average FB user is 38 while it is 33 in twitter.

Popularity Of Facebook Among SNS:

Facebook is the nearly universal social networking site & has the highest share of users daily visits. of those who use SNS, almost 92% are Facebook users. This shows how popular Facebook is among the people.

Every new stuff is purchase by you, your Facebook status gets updated about it, you are stuck in somewhere with huge traffic & you post about the same on your Facebook status. Moreover, it is a funny & true fact, that if a lizard falls on a girl, then she screams over her Facebook wall.

It is reported that about 18% of women change their status more than once a day and about 11% of men does the same.

Positive Impact Of SNS:

It is a definite fact that my YouTube channel & all my blogs gained a huge traffic through Facebook. Its even twitter that may have helped many of others in increasing their popularity. here below, let us discuss on the various positive impact of SNS other than increasing popularity

* Gaining Lot Many Of Friends:

It is like many of us must have met with virtual life friends who are almost like our real life friends. And it is for sure that we might have met our virtual life friends in real after a trust worthy relationship grew up. It gives you an immense pleasure when you say ” I have friends all over the world”.

* Stock House Of Information:

Talk of Facebook, talk of Twitter; millions of tweets & thousands of posts generated and shared constantly creates bulk of information. Everyday you come across something new & interesting on Social Networking Sites.

* A Chance To Meet Old Friends:

Friend finder in Facebook works as the best source to find all your friends. I admit that i met with many of my old friends only because of Facebook.

Negative Impact Of  SNS:

* Less Attention To Your Work/Study:

It is true that because of Facebook, my work is affected to some extent. Even I have seen many people who tweet from their workplace. This might create problems in their work. Students are busy in Facebook and pay less attention towards their study.

* Less Time For Family:

You admit or not; once you are habituated to SNS; your attention towards your family gets degraded. Many of the times, your husband/wife might be calling you for an outing & you keep on refusing only because of the Social media. This is really harmful.


It is rightly said” when you real life gets faded, your virtual life plays the part of real life”. But, it is also so true that Virtual life spoils your real life. But, if you know how to have a balance in virtual life & real life, then it is obvious that there is no other positive factor of fun & enjoyment, other than the Social Networking Sites.