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The 7 Biggest Graphic Design Mistakes in Your Business Branding You can Easily Avoid

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You communicate a lot about your company and its products or services through your brand. It is therefore important to ensure that the message is not only unique and memorable but also clearly communicated. Branding helps you to distinguish your company from others in the industry. It should therefore be a top priority for any company large or small.

The following are the seven most commonly made design mistakes and includes howto avoid making them.

• Hiring an amateur graphic designer
An amateur may charge you less for a job but may not give you the professional results you are looking for. It is always best to have a professional do the branding for you. Ensure that he or she has done logos and other branding work for other companies by checking references and having a look at portfolios.

• Relying on the latest trends
Fashion changes every so often. The designs and activities that were fashionable in the 90s are no longer fashionable. You should therefore never base the designs of your logos or any other aspect of your branding on the latest trends. You should instead seek designs and ideas that are timeless. Seek ideas that will withstand the changes in fashion and trends.

• Using raster images for logos and other branding images
Raster images usually cause a great deal of trouble when it comes to their reproduction. This is because raster images are mathematically precise. They therefore are not be scalable to any other size without the loss of quality.
Use vector graphics instead. These have mathematically precise points. These points ensure consistency in quality when the image undergoes reproduction or scaling to different sizes.

• Using stock art in your branding
This is risky as there may be a breach in the license agreement of the original image. You may face heavy penalties for using the image.

• Using Complicated design
Complicated designs should be avoided as they do not retain the same quality when scaled. It is best to use a simple design that is clear and conveys the message to the audience.

• Relying on color for effect
Don’t use a design that is dependent on color to be effective. The design should work even in black and white.

• Using the wrong font
The choice of font can either make or break a logo. You need to ensure the right font choice for the logo to convey the message clearly. Experiment with different fonts to investigate their effect.