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The Game Of Sand: Sand Art & Sand Animation In India

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An interesting game to note down, Sand Art is the practice of modelling sand into artistic form like sand sculpture, sand painting or sand brushing etc. Many of us in our childhood must have visited many sea beach and definitely tried to build a house or temple of sand, i.e called sand castle and also must have written our name below. But, those names must have vanished by the blow of sea waves on them. Yet, we must let you know, that in India a Sand artist named Sudarshan Pattnaik, of Puri district, Orissa state; who has kept his name alive always and won many top international sand art prizes for himself and for India. The waves of sea could not rub his name, rather the sand game which he invented first in India; gifted him as well as India a new face of sand art and sand sculpture to the whole world.

Very recently India won two top prizes at Spain’s international sand art competition, via Sudarshan Pattnaik, who created a 3.5 mt sand sculpture of Lord Ganesh siting a message on “Save our sea life- save our Earth from Global warming”. The top of the sculpture depicted the melting of glaciers in the Himalayas and in the flowing water Lord Ganesh is travelling on a boat with a sign “Divine concern on Global warming”. Another sand sculpture of Sudarshan Pattnaik; on Black Taj Mahal has earned him greetings and salutes all over the world before in his life.

Now when we are discussing on Sand art; let us also inform you that there exist some professional sand sculpting companies which are specifically dedicated towards creating sand sculptures.

Coming down to Sand animation, it is a game or a style of live performance art using sand. Here, the sand artist creates a series of images using sand. It is really a fun once you have learnt how to play the game of sand. When we talk about sand animation; we must let you know that it combines the immediacy and perfectness of line drawings with three-dimensional texture and value. Odisha’s Manas Kumar Sahoo is so very into account of sand animation through the wonderful show of “India’s Got Talent”. However, Ronnie Chibber is also a famous sand animator in India who has sent many beautiful and worthy messages to the world through his sand animation shows. Sand animation is really an amazing art to watch on.

So, next time you visit any sea beach; do not just try out for small sand castles, rather try something new, innovative and do not hesitate to put your name below your sand art. Mind it; this time waves must not blow away your name; as you are now grown up and must have gained a talent and zeal to play the “Game Of Sand”!