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What Makes or Breaks a Good Package Design

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Packaging design has the primary goal to grab the attention of customers.  Research studies revealed that the design of the packaging is crucial in influencing the purchase decisions of customers in preferring one product over another. This power of influence is probably far more than you aware of.  The selling power of product package is great. The interesting tidbit is, the multi-million food industry is not only relying on consumers, distributors, manufacturers alone but they rely heavily on graphic designers as well. No wonder, why the product package design area has grown to the fullest to meet the multifarious business interests. Product packaging, an important section of graphic design discipline is focusing exclusively on helping create strong brands through packaging design and branding. We at KID’s Design Department, product packaging is all-important and our graphic designers are well trained in this demanding design area to create stunning package and label designs for various business segments.

Let us have a quick scan on what makes or mars a good package design.

It says that there is no greatness where there is no simplicity. Always keep in mind that with simple design creative you can build a more appealing graphic. Make your packaging design a distinct one by applying the rule of simplicity.When you glance at the shelves of supermarket you can understand that simple ones are highly distinctive. An average consumer may spend a maximum time of 3-4 seconds to pick a particular product from the shelf. So the package should force them to choose the product at first sight.

Clarity goes hand in hand with simplicity. The packaging design should not confuse the consumers. How one feels when a product cover of a kid’s toy brand appears in black or a pest killer product in a multi-colored design? So clarity is very important in package designing. Never fail to deliver on clarity in designs. A food label should make the product look tasty and desirable. Always be clear about the product. In the case of some product categories like perfumes and luxury items you can apply an enigmatic approach depending on the brand, but not a recommended style from the point of view of customers.

Target Market and Audience
Another important aspect is get to know the demographics of the intended buyers. By knowing this you can clearly evaluate what style can be adopted in the package design.If the designer knows that “Kettle” is a food brand geared to US market so that he can choose color, cues and ideas desired for that specific market in the package design.

Do not try to depict the product in a hyped look than it actually is. By misleading the customers will cause a negative market impact. Not only will this tarnish brand image but leads to poor sales performance. So stick to credible claims and offers while designing a package. More clearly speaking, the package shouldn’t appear to be something entirely different than that of what was inside. As a designer, your task is give a straight representation of the product in a desirable way and remember customer have every right to be treated impartially.

This goes in sync with credibility and can be connoted as genuineness. Authenticity and long lasting impression are the essentials of great packaging designs.Be authentic is the sole way to give your product consumers’ attention among myriad of other competing brands. In short, the proof of the pudding lies in the authentic design and layouts.

Showcase – Shelf Impact
Showcasing power or shelf impact, what retailers calling is the major goal of every product design. The design is capable of ensuring a distinctive appeal among other products various products in t he shelf. The more distinctive the product looks, the better it sells. Shelf impact is something that can make huge difference in the sales of product and it is not the designer’s cup of tea. But provided the shelf impact analysis study, you can apply it to the designing concepts.

Packaging design is a fastest growing graphic design field where designers deliver both distinctive product packages and sales performance. Remember, packaging is the last chance to give a message to convince a consumer before reaching buying decision. So the above discussed points to be taken into consideration with utmost importance before designing image creatives.