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Why Brands Should Embrace Instagram

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Instagram is one among the most successful apps in terms of uniqueness, reach and innovative features. Though Instagram is one of the fastest growing social apps, marketers have not started using it to the fullest. Being an innovative, stand-alone photo sharing app specially designed for the iPhone, iPad and the mobile social network, Instagram has good number of followers. When it comes to social media promotions, brands have a clear idea on handling Facebook and Twitter, but Instagram still appears underutilized by many companies. According to reports 92% of luxury brands who post an average of 5.5 times a week on Instagram increase their customer base.

What makes Instagram a different bet?

What is the main advantage of Instagram as an image sharing social platform? It gives brands and retailers an opportunity to share see behind-the-scenes images that wouldn’t normally get through traditional media. Customers are very much interested to see such images of their favorite companies that they wouldn’t normally be seen.

Instagram boasts of some innovative filters and a user-friendly interface than other social platforms. Its easy and convenient sharing features make it a friendly social networking system in itself. Instagram has some powerful features in the form of filters such as vintage filters, sepia filters etc.

This helps Instagram to give a special emotional connection to its users. Through Instagram’s creative sepia filters, users are able to capture and transform the right emotional mood of the picture. With the help of these filters one can transform an ordinary photo to a real work of art.
Another notable feature Instagram offers is the “Popular” tab which allows users to follow the photos of others which are popular and having numerous followers.

Businesses around the world have started using this app to strategically promote their products and services. The photos of the products and service renderings with Instagram’s filter features force the user follow the product and become a prospective customer later. Many companies in the food and hospitality industries and luxury brands have used Instagram to promote their product packages and competitive offers through this appealing photo streams. Such photos will help create an emotional bonding among the users and gradually they become fan of your brand.
Instagram is evolving to a strategic brand marketing tool.