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YouTube: A Means Of Earning Traffic For Your Website…!!

by in Web Design on

Every single day we come accross Youtube videos. but, jave you ever thought of creating an account on YouTube for your benefit? Ever wondered how beneficial YouTube is for gifting you traffic for your website? Infact, YouTube is one of the most popular sites which allows you to share your interest & offers many oppurtunities for promotion of your site and getting traffic for your site. Well let us come on a serious note about how to promote your site & your products & services through YouTube. Tips To Earn Traffic For Your Website: 1. Create an interesting profile: You all have to agree, that you put your best snap as your profile picture in facebook or twitter; you try & make your profile interesting so as to gain lot of fans. Same must be in case of YouTube. People once find your videos worthy, they will definitely take interest to know about you and they will surely vist your profile. Once your profile looks dull & boring, you will lose your fans next time. So, manage your profile in a better way, give importance to design your profile the way you design your videos. 2. Post Viral Videos: viral videos are quite useful videos & also attract many people. So, if you really want to get traffic to your website through YouTube; then post such useful videos and stand unique in the crowd. Common videos will be neglected & remain un noticed. remeber, once your videos are viral, people will themselves promote your videos and your site. And what you will have to do is, simply wait & watch for your achievements! 3. Include your logo & URL of your website in the video: Your Logo & website URL must be included in the beginning & the end of your videos. They work as the two major boosting dose for earning traffic to your website through your video. 4. Post decent quality videos: Post decent quality videos, without any crappy sound or blurred images. Once you have poor quality in video, you turn poor! 5. Make your videos search friendly: include your major keywords in the title & in the descriptions of the video. Also, give fine emphasis to the tags. This way you keep your videos search friendly. 6. Develop short videos: Keep your videos short, may be from 3-5 mins. This will allow people to watch on with interest & patience. lengthy videos generally are ignored by people. damn! who has got so much of time in this busy world to watch a 1-2 hour video? 7. Comment on other’s videos & post the link to your site over there.                                                                                     YouTube says: “Traffic is waiting for you…………!!”