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KID offers a website design service that goes beyond design and construction. Designs are built around client needs and industry analysis. Usability is a key ingredient that’s added, as are testing, training and support. It’s the complete website design service, leaving no stone unturned.
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Keeping Your Website Simple

bambi-simple-website-design Let’s face it. We all know the importance of websites in achieving marketing results. A properly designed website can get you to the top-of-the-class. We also know that most web designers tend to over-complicate matters with jargon and a sense of technical superiority. Krish India Design (KID) refrains from the convoluted, constantly maintaining a simple approach to website design, and forever maintaining a modern execution using the latest digital principles and technologies. As with every project undertaken by Krish India Website Design, the Smart KID Six-Step Process is applied to your web design project – keeping you updated, involved and in control every step of the way. With no surprises.

Digital Engagement

Digital Engagement

He/she who has the most bells and whistles wins? Wrong. Digital marketing success centres on engagement. The websites of many high-end brands suffer from a high ‘bounce-rate’ (low engagement) as they are complex and lack a customer focus. Customers are time poor. They want the answers then and now. If not, it’s click, goodbye. Our digital marketing team understands the importance of web engagement. That’s why our quality website designer in India focuses on both website functionality and appeal. Developing brand appeal to invite customers to engage, to learn, to buy, to recommend. And the functionality to help customers get the answers they want, simply and quickly.


Advanced Web Technology

The Krish India Design Crew scours the world for the latest in digital technology and trends, applying these to client projects. This enables our professional website design company in India to provide website solutions that are functional and future-active, enabling the best results for clients and offering a longer lifespan. We also takes the confusion out of major technical decisions, like which is the best content management system. Joomla? Drupal? WordPress? Which functions do I need? The list goes on. Our Website Design crew utilises all major web systems and platforms so we can help you decide what is best for you and your customers. Feel free to contact us to learn more about digital web technology options.

Retail Ecommerce

E-Commerce Websites for Retail Businesses

More and more people are shopping online. Through the spread of internet technology, the world has become a global market place. Customers are not only in your back yard, they’re in other countries too.If you want to join the e-Commerce revolution, let Krish India Design help. We design e-commerce websites that are high quality, reliable and engaging, and most of all safe – allowing your digital business to grow from strength to strength. KID also performs maintenance to existing e-commerce websites. we can also increase your online sales through search engine optimization, paid search campaigns (PPC) and social media marketing. To find out more, simply contact affordable Web Design Company in India – KID
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The Extra Things

Krish India Design thrives on service. When it comes to website design, KID does the extra things that other India web developers take for granted. Here are just some. The Smart Web KID, best website design in India is able to upload your site to the KID server, or the server of your choice. The Smart Web KID can register your site to major search engines. The Smart Web KID can optimize your site to ensure your site is maximized for search engine results. And there’s so much more the Smart KID can do. Just contact Krish India Design to find out.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance and Support

Krish India Design aims to maximise the lifespan of its client’s websites. Over time web technologies change. As does the requirements of your business. No website can provide consistent results if it doesn’t grow with your digital business. KID’s best web design in India make it simple, continuous support with digital marketing as an extra benefit. Krish India Design crew makes sure that you have a state-of-the-art website that is looked after for your needs for the present, and the future. We can also take away the headache of updating or editing the content of your website. In most cases the Krish India Design crew can complete updates within a 24-hour period. KID in India makes it simple.
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Industries we specialize in web design

Krish India Design has the expertise to deliver sustainable and successful web solutions for all industries and business types. KID’s knowledge of digital marketing, web technology and mobile helps build a totally engaging and quality user experience among customers. In the area of website design, some of the industries and client groups Krish India Design specialises include:

  • Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Auto
  • Fashion
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Web Portals - Social | Jobs
  • eLearning
  • Business Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Travel
  • Information Technology
  • Start-ups

Website Design Services

Our knowledge of digital marketing, technology and mobile helps build quality user experience for the industry customers.

The KID Crew in India is glad to help

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Shining Examples

Over the years, KID has developed numerous websites, each using leading technologies with added appeal and functionality. Check out our School Portfolio to view some of the websites that have helped make KID top-of-the-class.

Website - Online Printing

Website - Online Printing

TeqchromPrint is an exclusive print IT service outsourcing company. It has a professional looking website, a powerful eCommerce and an advanced Press Management System.

Website - SEO Copy

Website - SEO Copy

KID designed highly attractive website, added website URL choosing option, integrated client's proprietary content generation system and finally the system is integrated to a payment gateway.

Website - Voice Casting

Website - Voice Casting

KID designed and developed a website with application features including advanced voice management application with easy-to-manage modules and secure payment checking system.